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Abraham Chege Njenga

Abraham’s orientation to the field of conservation was through his father who is a retired safari guide and naturalist. As a ranger and ecologist in the largest Black Rhino sanctuary in East Africa, Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Abraham walks the talk when it comes to conservation of our unique wildlife heritage. His blog was nominated for various awards in 2018 including the BAKE Awards for best Environmental Blog, the Ecotourism Society of Kenya and WWF’s African Youth Awards. You can learn more about Abraham’s conservation journey in this Youtube Video.

  • Site name | I am Justice for Wildlife
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  • Instagram Abraham_254
  • Why should someone visit your site? I am Justice for Wildlife seeks to be the voice for wildlife, especially endangered species. My vision is to build a future in which people live in harmony with nature. I advocate for humane conservation in the broadest sense. I seek to inspire others to advance the cause of conservation, promote retention of the wild and indigenous nature and biological diversity.
  • Entry title | Rescuing Bahati the Elephant Calf
  • Entry Number | 1

Tolga Aktas

Tolga Aktas is a current Animal Biology student studying at the University of Gloucestershire within the UK. His biggest aspiration is to become a Canid biologist and work on ways to protect the species which are endangered. As he continues to study and work towards this, he confidently hopes that his work and photojournalism will strive to make a difference daily!

  • Site name | Ways of the Natural World
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  • Why should someone visit your site? A lot of us human beings know that we inhabit the planet with wonderful and beautiful wildlife, but many of us do not appreciate it fully. With the human population continuously growing, the demand for space and resources puts a huge burden on our planet which will evidently expect us all. My persona blog illustrates the current issues in wildlife conservation and within the environment, and as a by-product of this all I am able to share my career journey through wildlife biology as I continue to strive for my dream career as a wildlife biologist. My goal is to aspire to inspire every time I publish a post!
  • Entry title | The Painted Wolf and Me
  • Entry Number | 2

Jeremy Duggan

Joanna and I met in Scotland. The only thing is that she is from Australia and I am from New Zealand. This makes us unique already. Since hitting it off, we have shared a passion for travel and have recently been to all seven continents. We love to keep fit and take part in running races all over the world too!