At an event on Christmas Island, Australia, Indian Ocean Experiences were delighted to be presented with a Terra Incognita Ethical Bird Tours Certificate.

Indian Ocean Experiences presented with Terra Incognita Certificate

At an event held on Australia’s remote Christmas Island, Indian Ocean Experiences were delighted to be awarded with a Terra Incognita Ethical Bird Tours Certificate. The certificate was presented to Lisa Preston (Indian Ocean Experiences) by Karenn Singer (Christmas Island Tourism) at the opening of the exciting annual Bird’n’Nature Week. Lisa was delighted with the recognition for their tours, which showcase the endemic birds of Christmas Island.  Bird’n’Nature Week is the highlight in the year with citizen scientists joining scientists to gather information, learn about the birds and other species which create the  unique ecosystem and to have some fun.  It is an immersive and interactive week of activity. …

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Australia | Indian Ocean Experiences | Christmas Island Bird’n’Nature Week

We invite you to uncover the remarkable surprises of this island full of natural wonders: from the unique annual red crab migration to rare and unusual birds and glorious deserted beaches, yet it also displays a curious amalgam of cultures, history and industry, emerging as a place where all these elements create a truly unusual travel experience. Bird week participants will be invited in small groups to help catch Abbott’s Boobies high in the rainforest canopy, assist to colour-band Brown Boobies and monitor their colonies on the remote and secluded rocky coasts. Participants will work with our guides to study …

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