Search begins for top responsible Costa Rica eco tours

It’s the country that first springs to mind when we hear the term ‘ecotourism’ and for good reason. With 25% of the country protected in parks and reserves (the largest percentage in the world), an estimated 5% of the world’s biodiversity packed into just 0.03% of its surface area, and high safety compared to other Latin American countries – Costa Rica is practically bursting with ecotourism opportunities. Many of the country’s national parks have gained international renown for their biodiversity, including Corcovado National Park, home to big cats, tapirs and monkeys; Tortuguero National Park, a vital nesting ground for Endangered …

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Whale Shark Top Tours

Search begins for the world’s top responsible whale shark tours

Picture the moment: you’re finning your way just below the ocean’s warm surface waters when you catch your first glimpse of a majestic shape gliding towards you – 12 metres long, yet completely docile – and time stops as you momentarily share this creature’s world. The thrill of witnessing whale sharks, the gentle giants of our oceans, has captivated travellers the world over, from Africa and Australia to Central America and Southeast Asia. But if not done responsibly, tourism could threaten this beautiful, docile, yet globally Endangered species – through impacts such as pollution, boat strikes, habitat damage and changes …

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Ethical Bird Tours | 2018 List

Ecotourism is a fast-growing tourism sector, already worth USD 100 billion annually. According to The International Ecotourism Society, ecotourism is responsible tourism to natural areas that conserves the environment, supports the well-being of local people and educates visitors and hosts. Done right, ecotourism can be a force for good, channelling resources to protect the places and species people seek to experience; creating employment opportunities for local people who need them most; and valuing and preserving local culture. Done poorly, ecotourism can put unsustainable pressure on wildlife and habitats, distort the local economy and change local customs and cultures irrevocably. To help …

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