Discover 85 ways to travel for good as tourism resumes.

Are you looking for a birding experience that supports wildlife conservation and benefits local communities? A tour that multiplies its positive impact through education for guests and hosts?

You could find it in the Top Ethical Birding Ecotours 2020!

This unique list is designed to help tourists make more informed choices as we enter a new stage of travel. It features tour operators who care about supporting the wildlife and communities they visit, and create opportunities for education through exploration.

First launched in 2018, the Top Ethical Birding Ecotours 2020 list has grown in its third year to include 85 tours in 40 countries across six continents.

“We are continually blown away by what operators are doing to have a positive impact on wildlife and local people through tourism,” said Dr Nick Askew of Terra Incognita. “Eventually we hope to showcase ethical experiences in every country worldwide.”

The Top Ethical Birding Ecotours 2020 is generated by a global community of travellers, bloggers, conservationists, tour guides, birders and ecotourism operators.

Tour operators on the list are doing everything from partnering with conservation charities and donating to conservation projects, to offsetting the carbon emissions generated by their business activities and encouraging their guests to do the same during their travels. Some are contributing to conservation research, while others are empowering local people through environmental education and capacity building, supporting future conservation ambassadors.

The list includes a transparent explanation of how all tours contribute to conservation, local communities and education and is open to reviews from guests who’ve participated in the tours.

“We know that it can be challenging for birdwatchers to find experiences that align with their values. In this new stage of travel we want to recognise companies who are truly committed to creating positive change for wildlife and communities, to help tourists support a more ethical sector,” said Kristi Foster of Terra Incognita.

The Top Ethical Birding Ecotours 2020 list was launched just ahead of Virtual Birdfair 2020 – an annual event for birdwatchers.

Bird experiences highlighted range from Golden-collared Manakin leks in Panama, to reintroduced blue ducks in New Zealand, to searching for Uganda’s iconic Shoebill by canoe.

You can find yourself amidst hummingbirds in Ecuadorian cloud forests, visiting a macaw clay lick in the Peruvian Amazon, or witnessing the autumn Vulture migration across the Strait of Gibraltar.

With tours in 40 countries across six continents you can discover an ethical experience closer to home, or find inspiration to explore a new corner of the world as travel resumes.

Check out the Ethical Birding Ecotours 2020 list and join a movement to create positive change for people and planet through travel.