Are you looking for a career in ecotourism or conservation?

Maybe you’d love to work as a wildlife guide, journalist or environmental educator, inspiring others to care for our incredible planet. Or maybe you’d like to help destinations manage tourism sustainably, work in partnership with local communities or even start your own company?

If you’re unsure how to start your dream career, or you’re struggling to succeed, we’ve got great news for you! On 1 June 2020 our partner Conservation Careers is launching a FREE video training series, How to get a Conservation Job.

In this training series, Dr Nick Askew – Founder and Director of Conservation Careers and Co-Founder of Terra Incognita – will share the golden rule to get started in conservation, the most common mistakes aspiring conservationists make in their job search and answer your biggest questions.

Whether you’re a student, job-seeker or career-switcher you’ll learn how to quickly and easily start your career as a ecotourism professional or conservationist.

This is the very best advice in the sector, compiled by Conservation Careers after talking to hundreds of successful professional conservationists and helping thousands of aspiring conservationists across the globe.

Careers in Conservation and Ecotourism

Did you know that the conservation industry is probably far bigger than you ever imagined?

Conservation has become a diverse and booming sector offering hundreds of thousands of jobs every year, and it’s still expanding and diversifying. Our partners Conservation Careers alone have listed over 20,000 conservation jobs in the past 6 years.

Contrary to popular belief, conservation is not only about saving wildlife like sea turtles or primates in the field (though that’s an important part!). It covers at least 15 different job types that aid conservation – including ecotourism, community-based conservation, marine conservation, animal welfare, communications and marketing, photography and film-making and much more.

Ready to start your career making a difference for people and planet? Enrol for free today!