After returning home from a semester in Spain thanks to a generous scholarship, I found that I was not ready to stop traveling. I continued my studies in college with a dream to travel the world, graduated, and landed a 9-5 in Dallas that I adored, helping people achieve financial freedom through jobs in tech.

There was just one problem. My dream job did not come with much PTO or remote work. I found that I only had weekends and that wasn’t really much time to hop on a plane and travel across the world. So I got creative and looked in my own backyard.

I found that in Texas using only my weekends I could go on a romantic Italian gondola ride in Irving, visit the wine country in Fredericksburg, surf the dunes in Monahans, and even visit the Eiffel Tower of Paris. Paris, Texas that is. Complete with a cowboy hat on top.

Suddenly I wasn’t limited by my situation, but empowered by it. It turns out that Texas is a cultural melting pot with so much diversity in one state! In Houston I could eat on every continent by visiting the local restaurants and trying dishes from Cameroon, Australia, Portugal, and more. It turns out a small town in Ennis hosts an International Polka festival and that New Braunfels has a huge German population and influence.

Since learning all this I have been on a journey to make my way across Texas and see all that it has to offer. A year and a half and 40 cities later, I’ve barely made a dent in all of the incredible places! I’ve met inspiring people from all over the world and tried food from countless countries.

When most people think of Texas they might think of Cowboy hats and tumbleweeds. However, when I think of Texas I think of the multicultural influence, diverse regions, hidden gems, and even cowboy hats.

  • Jessica Serna
  • : Hello! I started my blogging journey after returning from a 5 month stay in Granada, Spain. When living abroad I spent every weekend travelling to a different city or country. Life was a constant adventure! However, when I returned to Dallas, Texas, I didn’t want to give up that lifestyle. I couldn’t necessarily spend every weekend jetting off to another country, but I quickly learned how much there was to do in Texas for weekend trips! My goal is that everyone can live a travel lifestyle no matter their situation.
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  • : Whether it’s finding unique experiences in your own city, exploring the best weekend weekend getaways, or planning that two week vacation- I’m here to help you make the most of everyday!
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