My name is Fitsumbirhan Tarekegn. Not so long ago, I had no idea of neither how amazing long trips and hiking were nor how I could start my travel journey . Then I joined a group of hikers named Addis Hiking via a friend. The first move to my travel desires.

My first hike was Ankober, an astonishing mountainous area on elevation of 2000+ meters. The trip was a total of 24 KM hike involving a night at the top of the mountain. Decorated with campfire and good conversations.

The astonishing landscape was compelling enough to take our attention off the very cold weather. The time I had and the friendly vibe never made me remember it was my first time on such adventure. It felt like I was a homie there.

After Ankober, I made it to Suba, Ziquala, Wonchi, Ziway mountains and Guassa areas here in Ethiopia. Mountainous areas covered with amazing nature.

Guassa, the best from the above, had a very beautiful landscape along with impressive wildlife. I was even fortunate enough to come across Gelada Baboon and Red Fox which happen to be endemic to my country, Ethiopia.

The greatest achievement I got from these was having time to connect with myself for three days. Away from the city life at a place everyone must see. The local community deserves much gratitude for the hospitality and cherish they always give for travelers. Their lifestyle is so peaceful one would wish to join them.

And finally, my bucket list is preceded with the most known wonders of Ethiopia, Bale National Park and Semien National park to be my next destinations.

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