As lots ecological services and valuable products parks and forest offers, it’s our responsibility as the young generation to protect these ecosystems to make their continuity in offering these services and products. Bwindi impenetrable my favorite place of travel is a natural forest and park with rich magnificent ecosystems providing a range of products to the local community around and best services, but as human timber and non-timber products, with in this forest, some few patches are being degraded or modified into other forms for human benefits and this threaten the diversity of organisms with in and around.

A brighter morning straight away from Kampala to Bwindi commenced our journey, An 8 hours drive approximate to 473.9 km, enjoying the drive through majestic Kigezi hills, with yawning and stipple hunger in the bus tiresome but all we had to travel and walk with in Bwindi and around the forest to makes its safe and advocate for its conservation. The event was Organized by Miss Conservation Kigezi with support from Earth Day Network Uganda, together with volunteers from Uganda Youth Biodiversity Network.

As youth we can’t give , we build for the future, At the point of our arrival only to be welcomed by the mountain Gorillas thinking we had brought food for them, monkeys, chimps were all over the trees around jumping and appreciating the services offered by the forest, the temperatures were conducive that everybody who came hungry by matter of the fill of the whelming and the cool breeze had to disappear, the trees were smiling, standing straight and healthy looking with the only few worried of their young ones disappearing. To start with plastics were picked and placed in a sack as we continued to make a cool forest walk with in the forest, rivers with in forest could pound water like a moving python very calm tempting fellows to swim, what a fabulous forests is this, As nature based students and conservationist, happily as we felt with a climate sign practice, singing the woodland trees prayer, “I will not become the prime minister of tomorrow, or even president, I will not even have a bank account look at  me the trees that every one feels proudly look at the chimps, Gorillas, birds, the blue monkeys, all are joyful, my young ones are being killed for no reason please help me live to see my granddaughters”

The supper woodland prayer, climate song and practice of the climate sign attracted the surrounding communities to feel involved and join the guided forest walk, while crossing steady built timber bridge, the sound of beautiful voices  with in the forest had to trigger monkeys and baboons join the conversation in the crowd to yell for the fight to walk.  Little did I know that the inhabitant were in the forest the “Batwa pygmies people living and enjoying the forest products, by a mere of our presence, a welcome set by the community dance group of “iturururu” accompanied by Drums and wiggles dressed with calabous monkey’s skins. But the un informed people about the occurrence had to come with bows and arrows to check what a tick tack drum music trending in the forest which was on going only to find out young emerging waist mingling curvy booty beautiful environmentalist advocating for Bwindi forest protection.

This is how imaginary and inspiring the whole village around came to attend the walk for Bwindi conservation, since the huge numbers of most people had come, un planned meeting had to be scheduled, and the call for the Miss conservation of Bwindi opened the message to save Bwindi. A forest rest zone house in the temple was the venue, information regarding sustainable use of forest resources was shared and the locals realized it and promised to abide by to do what is required, The locals appreciated and accepted to continue with the walk viewing beautiful sceneries, vital trees, Bird watching, butterflies, open boot games of the chimps.

After the walk everyone was happy as we gained momentum for the walk. Two hours later we evaluated the walk and many locals got awarded with essential usable commodities like soap, tea leaves, sugar, salt, clothes under the theme Earth day 2020, 50 years to raise the earth, footprints, climate action, Artist for the earth Great clean up vote for earth and green cities.

The Batwa suggested to continue inhabiting and protecting the forest, because a lot has been realized from the forest simplifying their lives.

By the word of the young generation, shall live and have a peacefully armour, strength, touching inspiring and innovative to protect Bwindi impenetrable to continue serving and providing the products, for the betterment of tourism industry, biodiversity conservation as well.

I stand to say, my environment is my responsibility,

          “student for nature”

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