This is my favourite place so far, in Dubai there is this huge aquarium which lies inside a waterpark, Atlantis aquaventure. This place is so luxurious and the landscape of the view is amazingly wonderful.


My siblings and I went scuba diving in an aquarium, I know it sounds a bit unusual, but actually instead of having an oxygen tank behind you and wearing only goggles with a tube connected to the oxygen tank, we actually putted a helmet on our head. The helmet supplied us oxygen and a good view under the water. Although we had a good view, but the helmet was really heavy. (I won’t recommend claustrophobic people trying).        

We prepared our oxygen supply and lined up in a row, one by one climbed down the ladder towards the waterbed. I had been terrified at that moment, because I was about to be less than a metre closer to three humongous sharks wobbling their tails looking like they haven’t eaten for several days, along with five x-rays waving in the aquarium.

After climbing down the rusty ladders, the coach checked our helmet to make sure the oxygen has been correctly put though. Soon after a shark climbed right above our head, luckily we all learnt some simple sign languages to show our feelings. Our coach waved at us to check on us along telling us that don’t move. The sharks took some of his other shark friend to us as if he were introducing us to his friend, he sniffed our helmets and went of curiously to the other creatures. I turned my head and looked around the aquarium, I saw some corals in all sizes and shaped in different colours. Then a striped orange and white fish swam across my vision, its look so innocent and small. We had been underwater for more then five minutes now.

Suddenly a x-ray swan across my head and have stopped to look around the new visitors around him. I try reached my hands out to touch its wings, but I was too scared at last. I was afraid that it might swim to me with more of his friends so I decided to walk away.          

Our coach waved at us, telling us to climbed out the aquarium, but I didn’t want to because this had been my best experience with many animals so far.

  • Elisa Kuang
  • : This is my story.
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