My favourite place is close to where I live. It is the most beautiful place in the world full of nature.

The boat rocked from side to side and sea foam tickled my face. My sister was trailing her fingers through the freezing cold foaming sea water. My brother was complaining about the cold to my parents.

There were about three other families on the boat and we all sat huddled together as we sped through the water towards my favourite place….. The islands.

They were a group of islands clustered together on the corner of the north sea. Hidden away was a land of life and nature.

Ever since I could remember we would come here each year in the summer (even though it never felt like summer ). We would catch a boat ride out and see the seals lounging on the rocks and seagulls gliding over us hoping for a little snack. We would take a picnic with us ans sit with a flask of hot chocolate and talk about nothing much, just looking out to sea.

But his time I saw something amazing.

They just appeared out of nowhere.

A pod of silky dolphins swimming alongside us. there must have been at least twelve. they laughed and sang to each other. They dipped and dived and jumped and swirled. Cutting through the water like a knife. I shouted and pointed a shaking finger and at once everyone was in a trance, memorised.

It must have only lasted two minutes but it felt like hours.

A young dolphin swam right up next to me and it seemed to be smiling at me.

But then he dipped down and dived deep deep down into the drowsy depths and it didn’t come back up again.

They had all vanished into the dark sea.

For the rest of the trip I searched and searched. Looking for them. We didn’t find them.

I kept imagining them and how beautiful and graceful they were. How seamlessly they swam through the water and how gleaming they looked in the evening sun.

I still return to my favourite place every year always keeping my eye out for them. I have not seen them since but I know that when I visit my favourite place each year and I drink hot chocolate from a flask and talk about nothing much that they are there swimming under us just waiting to appear.

But for now they are in hiding, they disappeared quicker than they came. it was like I had only imagined them.

  • Matilda Charlton
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  • : youth_(12_–_18_as_of_31st_december_2019)
  • : This is the first time this story has been published.