The waves lapping on the golden sands, removing all previous marks of existence. With each sweep, the sea exchanges rocks and driftwood with the beach. The sands soaking in the water as the tides come in, and then being drained when it goes out. The sound of water gushing in, to meet the edges of the bay, floods into your ears. The water reflects the sunlight and lights up the sky. And when the night comes, and darkness falls upon the rest of the world, the sea glistens and shines under the intense moonlight.

On the beaches in LlaFranc, Spain,  is the best place. The birds soar and swoop, singing in the blue above, mirrored in the blue below. As you look across the bay, you can see the harboured boats and the seaside houses and restaurants, giving out delicious smells, facing out to the open world. When you dive under the carpets of blues and greens, you are shown a completely different part to this world; tropical fish swimming amongst colourful corals. Fish swimming swiftly from one place to another, and others, just rocking gently in the unhurried waves. Fascinated by the small animals and hypnotised by the therapeutic waves, you stay there for hours, breathing through a snorkel and staring in awe with the warming sun on your back.

When away from the beaches, the foreign expertly cooked food of restaurants is the next best thing. With some things that you have never heard of but still look, taste and smell so good. But as well as all of that, there is also all of your favourites as well.

In the morning, I would wake up to the sound of singing birds and rushing water as the tide comes in and out. From there I would make myself some breakfast and then leave the house to go down to the beach 20 metres away, I would then stay at the beach for hours, on the sand and in the sea, relaxing and enjoying myself on the soft, welcoming bay. After being on the beach, I would go exploring into the trees nearby and onto the sun-baked rocks surrounding. From up on the rocks, I could see the expanse of the sea and then I could look back and see the kind and peaceful community; sitting there beautifully. As the day would become close to darkening, I would make my way back to humanity. From there I would be able to have a delicious dinner and soon after be able to go to sleep, with the nonchalant waves coming into the bay. 

LlaFranc is the best place for me because it is calming with all of the calls and sounds of nature constantly there. As well as calming and relaxing, it is also beautiful and exciting because of all the things to do and see there. The weather is perfect, warm sun most of the time, but when needed, the rain comes down from above and fills up the sea again.                                   

  • Max Glencairn-Campbell
  • : I'm 14 and at Oundle School
  • : youth_(12_–_18_as_of_31st_december_2019)
  • : This is the first time this story has been published.