Image result for perran sands beachLying on the hot golden sand in Cornwall with my mother next to me. I stare up at the white, soft, candyfloss clouds slowly wandering across the blue sky. There are also birds swiftly swirling and diving around the sky chirping away at marvellous melodies which are always changing but always becoming more intricate and delicate. 

My sister behind me after playing in the gargantuan caverns went tog the scraggy rocks. She is trying to find a creature when she screams with delight as she lifts a hard, sea toughened crab out of the slimy sinewy seaweed of a rock pool. This feisty crab with large pincers is snapping away trying to be released from a giant’s grasp. Eventually it strikes with a small nip but it’s enough and so it plunges back down to the murky depths just like an Olympic diver. Clearly upset about her loss and a now red finger my sister shrieks with a sound only dogs can hear.

A shout from my father travels from the sea to my ears. I look up and see the infinite water spanning my whole skyline. Then I spotted him and I begin to run him where he is playing in the powerful curling waves. Upon nearing the foam, masses of squidgy lilac jellyfish appeared and I am now hopscotching my way through them so not to land my feet right on top of one. Eventually I feel the cold water engulf my feet and I dive. I’m exhilarated feeling the salty water run through my hair then I pop up to see a smiling face also known as my father. He passes me his body board and I get on just as a wave comes. He pushes me vigorously to get me going and then the wave hits. I am instantly thrown off and I am hurled down towards the seabed. I am cut off from all sound and so I open my eyes for a split second and there in front of me is sand performing a dance and billowing all around me without a sound. When my father grabs hold of my waste and lifts me out of the mesmerising sights of the underwater world. My eyes are scratchy and blood red from the salt but it was all worth it as I now realise that nature holds the purest and most magnificent treasures. 

Having had enough of sore eyes I ask to go back to the tent but my sister refuses. However my mum can sort her out and so she bought us an ice-cream! The cold slushy feel upon my lips instantly refreshed me and the raspberry ripple seemed to calm my sister down to. We now begin the long winding steep trek back up to the campsite. Yet the tiredness is all worth it because when you finally reach the summit and swivel round to look back on where you have come from, you see the most wondrous of views. The beige cliffs on the right that are covered by grass, the turquoise powerful sea continuing on until the eye can no longer see, and the sun-yellow sand joining the cliffs to the sea. These impeccable sights are something that no human mind could even think of. This is why Perran Sands is my favourite place.

  • Edward Bradnam
  • : This place clearly shows the true jewels in our society.
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  • : This is the first time this story has been published.