I was in Thailand for the Christmas holidays. One week in, my family and I went on an adventure into the jungle on a kayak through the high trees and above us was a clear blue sky. The water was turquoise and clean. Some of the only truly clean water that I had ever seen, truly beautiful.

I slowly paddled through the thin, turquoise coloured water and though the jungle. My ears were listening out for silent noises in the trees. Every now and then, I saw a beautiful exotic bird landing on a tree. The bird was filled with colours: red, blue and yellow.

I looked around some more, this time I looked high up into the trees. If you looked carefully enough, you could see small monkeys. Jumping up and down and from tree to tree. I stopped paddling and my kayak stopped. I inhaled the fresh air of this magnificent landscape.

I stepped off my kayak and dived into the water, a bit frightened at first by the fish surrounding me and swimming towards me but then they turned and swam away. They swam around me, shining underwater with the bright sunlight shining off their multi-coloured scales and their gentle but powerful fins.

My head emerged from the clear and crisp water. I looked at the trees. The shrub layer was full of exotic plants, the understory layer full of red and brown squirrels, the canopy full of monkey and some exotic, beautiful, brightly coloured birds and pelicans were resting on the emerging layer.

I then got back onto my kayak, slowly paddling away from this magnificent area which I will never forget. This is my favourite place and it will stick with me forever, the pure nature, I hope to go back there one day.

  • Alexander Gevers
  • : Oundle School age 13
  • : youth_(12_–_18_as_of_31st_december_2019)
  • : This is the first time this story has been published.