When I think about some of the places I want to visit on this planet, it’s mainly natural wonders of the world, the rainforests and the waterfalls. Compare that to the places I’ve visited and enjoyed and it’s mostly North American cities and theme parks with my family. While, one day, I’d love to tell you about a place close to my heart such as the rolling hills of New Zealand, today, my favourite place on earth is the state of Massachusetts.

I first visited Massachusetts when I was very young and our family stayed with some locals who were so welcoming and loved showing us around. We used to take their dog for walks in a nature reserve that had prairie dogs and beavers, I always wondered if this was what gave me such a fascination for animals. So, even when I visit the biggest cities, I manage to escape into nature whenever I can.

Possibly one of the lesser-known states of the US to people across the world, it is a state with great history and so much to see. There is amazing historical tours and locations to visit across the state, from the site of the Boston Tea Party to the Salem Witch Trials. Not to mention the huge naval warships that can all be explored, even below deck.

I have visited this state over 10 times throughout my young life and each time a whale watching tour has to be on the cards. Watching a huge whale jump out of the water right in front of you is something that gives me goosebumps just thinking back to those moments with my family. Even the porpoises are so memorable jumping in and out of the spray, chasing us as we went back into the harbour.

I blame my sports fanatic lifestyle on the Boston sports fans I came into contact with all these years. They gave me a love for the Red Sox in baseball and the Patriots in American Football and I now have a huge passion for both of these sports in a country that knows very little of either. Seeing these teams compete in Boston is an otherworldly experience as you can feel the passion this city has for their beloved sports teams and the atmosphere is incredible when they play at home.

Boston is obviously the main attraction of Massachusetts being one of the big cities that most people know of in the US. I still remember walking through the food hall, all the choices, the smells and the amazing cultural differences side-by-side. My favourite was always a steak sandwich as they were just so juicy and had so much flavour.

You might not know what else Massachusetts has outside of Boston so I implore you to take a look at Cape Cod. Known as some to be the millionaire’s playground with many mansions built along the stunning coastline. I have vivid memories of playing on the beach as a young child and loving every minute of playing in the waves.

I feel incredibly lucky to have visited this amazing place so many times and I hope I can continue to visit this state, although I would like to travel elsewhere first. I wish more people could experience this wonderful city and its peoples’ hospitality instead of choosing Florida or New York as most international tourists do.

  • James Platt
  • : Studying a masters in Birmingham, England and love to travel to new destinations when I can.
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