Quickly, I heard a call from my brother from the other side of the beach telling me to get into the water. As I walked on the beach, studying the water, I could hardly see anything at first, it just looked like rocks and crystal, turquoise water. But as I dipped my head into the water, it was like entering a new world.

Hidden in the depth of the corals, I could see fish of all shapes, sizes and colours. Some marigold, some blue and even some rainbow. It was like I was swimming in an aquarium.

The first fish I saw was a Parrot fish, which had a very sapphire skin and big scales. As I tried to touch the fish, it quickly swam back into the corals, but a few seconds later it would come back out again, and then go back in. I could watch this all day. 

As I swam further away from the shore, the shallow blue waters suddenly turned into darkness. The edge just dropped of. My guide rushed to me and said that there was nothing much to see there , so we moved to another spot which some of the other snorkelers have been hanging out. As soon as I got there, I understood why. 

The ground was just suddenly deeper in this area, like a mini trench, and in that area, I could see a countless amount of fish. I remember seeing a fish which had black and white scales surrounding each other like a checkerboard.

One thing that surprised me about the fish is that they were hardly ever shy, but they were very inquisitive. I saw a fish which was beautiful and blue, I wiggled my fingers around the fish, it swam towards my finger, but then away from it. He was curious, but still worried. I played with him for a couple of minutes and enjoyed his company.

The next thing I saw was not a fish, but it was something that I had wanted to see for a long time, the Giant Clam. I studied the clam for a long time, it had a thick, bony shell and can be recognized by its zigzag shape.

As I looked at my watch, I realised that it was time to go back to the boat, even if I did not want to leave this underwater paradise. I could have never imagined to see so many beautiful creatures in just one little reef. After experiencing snorkeling for the first time me and my parents were absolutely hooked. We will definitely try it again sometime in the future.

  • Peak Suksriwong
  • : Thai
  • : youth_(12_–_18_as_of_31st_december_2019)
  • : This is the first time this story has been published.