My favourite place on earth has no grey, sky-scraping and cold buildings, no noise, air or water pollution. All homes are built as self-sustaining eco-systems using bio mimicry and solar passive design. The place I speak of holds a long history of true magic where people are all loving, respectful and kind to one another, they don’t judge, they help each other all the time and all observe the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 24/7. 

There is no currency, people are truly free and there is no fighting, trade wars, greed, politics, crime, sickness, disease or suffering. There is no shortage of resources, no genetically modified food or unsustainably sourced raw materials. There is no deforestation, CO2, stress, darkness or climate catastrophes.

My favourite place on earth is peaceful, clean, abundant and spacious. Bumper to bumper traffic is non-existent.  Unhealthy eating is unheard of; cruelty to animals is unheard of. People respect nature, life and eco-systems and understand the importance of oceanic health as well as generously provide a spacious, loving and caring environment for all wildlife and vegetation and they all know how to grow organic food and share it with their communities around them.

In the place I speak of, every living organism understands the mechanics of nature and mirrors its behaviour as the ultimate guide to survival. There are no culture, religious, language or race barriers and everyone lives as one whole, intrinsically aware of the vital role their contributions provide and how these positively impact our Earth.

There is no judgement in my favourite place on earth.  No traumatic experiences, no hate. All living things can sing, dance and create beautiful sounds and melodies with total freedom of expression and confidence. There is huge love, safety and respect there.

In my favourite place on earth, the weather is gentle and facilitates abundance in food and water resources. There are no damaging storms, cyclones, hurricanes, tornadoes or fires and there is no 5G or other harmful technology such as mass killing drones and mechanical mosquito spies. There are, however, emotionally intelligent and helpful cyborgs that care for the elderly, the disabled and other physically challenged individuals as well support all living things and pick up manual workload for the tired as well as keep us medically healthy and fit.

Everyone in my favourite place on Earth demands and only uses renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, biofuels and the like.

Terra Incognita could be the perfect place to start my adventurous journey of finding my favourite place on earth. It resides in dreams for now.

  • Cheri Simonne Rubens
  • : I was born in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1973. I am a Global Environmental Protection & Climate Action Ambassador. I have a passion for Influencing thinking, transformational communication, emotional intelligence and people development in addition to seeking out adventurous challenges. I also carry a thirst for learning new things & spend much of my free time empowering myself & others through knowledge sharing & powerful debate. My greatest role model is Leo Buscaglia whose teachings of love on all levels, make up the foundation of my family values & whose passion, beliefs & convictions remain firmly embedded in my being.
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