She is wild, she is smart, she is strange, she controls me most of the time if not all of the time, and never can I have a single reaction or feeling without her approval.  I can’t even blink at him without her being aware, and when comes that time of the year when I get a little sick SHE gives  me the ‘ok’ to sneeze… I mean yes she controls me, every heartbeat, every single breath never happens without her (that is why I call her a ‘SHE’!

Stress, broke but fearless I am, but she loves me that way, she is the only one who ever took me to a Sognefjord tour in Norway and that other time she warned me not to upset Kenya’s Ecosystem just by moving a rock! She once took me to Las Vegas I could not believe it; I mean everybody dreams about Las Vegas! If you don’t, ok. But… you should!!! The feeling is amazing.

So, she realized I like traveling, she knows I am a travel-hungry explorer, and at the same time, she knows how busy I am! But still, she takes me around the world every single day according to my mood.

Then came the day I told her I had enough, I was getting tired and old for this, I wanted to make something of my life. I needed some time to think about my future because I needed a bright one.  She got mad, she stopped talking to me for weeks, and I went through some kind of depression because I was so used to her and she just abandoned me like that, why will she do that to me? So I asked her why? She said because she feels like I want to abandon her! I was surprised, Of course not!!  You know I can’t live without you, I am what I am today because of you, we shared so many things if not everything!!

We thought about when we went to Ibiza to party hard for a whole full day, and we stayed for a week to recover with a yoga retreat because if you don’t know, Ibiza is not just for party, it is also a home to quiet villages (You are welcome!!) And that other time oh my God, that time she celebrated my wedding with Leonardo Dicaprio in Las Vegas oh God best day ever (please don’t remind him about this we were both high and I moved on since)

And then our trip to Brazil, Brazil was a shock, everything was different that day, it was way too hot, I could neither breathe easily nor see well,

‘What is happening?’ I asked her,

Look closely, she said.

And then I saw with horror the Amazon rainforest, the Amazon was on fire, I could not believe my eyes, then I saw people passing by like nothing was happening, others continuing their normal life, and some others running.

What is happening here? Why is no one doing anything? Let’s call for help I was telling her,

They know what is happening, they know everything, they can feel it, they can see it, they can hear about it, but they just want to pretend they are busy doing something else!! I could not believe that. She immediately took me to the sea to breathe some good air and relax and there I saw many people, so I started smiling, she looked at me and asked me why I was smiling?! I said; I am happy to see some faces! She just laughed out loud adding ‘maybe you should put on back your glasses and look again.

So I did (because I have myopia!!!) and then the nightmare continued, O Lord, it wasn’t people! It was just, just plastics everywhere, plastics and plastics and plastics again. What is that? What happened? O Lord? Why is no one cleaning all this? O Lord!!

Leave the lord out of this young girl! She said; because YOU did that!

Me: me??

Her: yes, YOU!

Then I realized she was right, yes it was me, and it was me every time I used plastics!!

Me: This is the reason I want to make something of my life! And I can’t do it smartly without you.

As you can see yes she is my favorite place on earth, “she”, MY BRAIN!


And since I could not be on this earth without her (with no Brain!!)  I prefer to close my eyes and let her take me everywhere.

I hope we all use our brain for efficient and controlled actions, because it is because of ‘her’ that we can do all these things that make us humans.


  • MBENG Elisabeth (LIZA)
  • : I am LIza a master degree student in renewable energy(solar energy) also working on policies related to renewable energy. I know climate change is real and i am on my way to reduce my carbon footprint and engage more people on this journey.
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  • : I am just a regular girl doing some regular stuff to get the green thing. I share some environmental news and share my experience as a new climate activist.
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