Kit Chatterton

Les Contamines

When we arrived at Les Contamines, we saw the sun glisten on the snow. I sledged down the puffs of snow straight away, looking up at the chalet the whole time.

The next day, our car started up with a juddery hum. As soon as we got to the resort, I clicked into my boots. Clicked the gondler door shut. Clicked my skis on once we got out.

The snow felt soft under my feet. The powder sprayed up behind me as I cruised down a run. It was like I was skiing on marshmallows. Every aspect of our skiing was smooth, chill and calm.

That’s why I appreciated it so much.

I enjoyed the feeling of a velvety flight over a landscape of looming mountains. The relaxation of the slopes really came in contradiction to the scariness of the overwhelming peaks.

I didn’t want to come off the slopes, but the bubble ride back was so mystical, I forgot about everything and fell in awe. The raw fog was caught by the rays of the sun and created an infected ray. The mountains scared me away with a sense of excitement.

But I would be back tomorrow. 

That evening, my family I went out in to town. We went to a family favourite restaurant called Le Husky. We would go there all the time. Their best meal were the snails they served. Boiled in thick garlic, bubbling with enticing flavour. The garlic oozed out into my mouth, filling it with rich and mellow flavour. 

Afterwards we went around the square, where a band was playing and the light-lit stage. Abandoning our parents, my brothers, our friends and I ran down to the deserted park. We had it all to ourselves. Everything was so still. After a day of cold but relaxing, I was grateful for the warmth that presented itself in the little shelter by the swings.

We didn’t care about grazed knees as we manically swung from different bars. We looked out onto the ice skating rink. It was lit up but no one was there. It was weird.

When we ran back to our parents we had to go home. One quick picture in a christmas light-covered gondler in the square and we returned back to the chalet.

I couldn’t sleep out of excitement for the next day of skiing.

  • Kit Chatterton
  • : I am a student entering this competition with my story about skiing at the resort Les Contamines
  • : youth_(12_–_18_as_of_31st_december_2019)
  • : This is the first time this story has been published.