The weather was warm and the cabins clean and cosy, and the food was fresh, exotic, and tasty. The sea was turquoise, clear and calm. The beaches were flat, soft and white with an occasional parasol for shade. The palms bore coconuts and the shrubbery was a luscious shade of green, yet it never rained? The komodo dragons lazed under the palms and the birds chirped high up in the forest.

 This is what the island I stayed on as a six year old was like, I had one of the best weeks of my life there. I intend to go back there someday. The nature there was incredible and relaxing even as a hyperactive six year old who was as ignorant  to wildlife and scenery as possible.

 However, will I still be able to go back there in twenty years time? Will it be worth the trip any longer? It could even be partially under water in one hundred years time, or will it become an industrial fruit picking plantation? Or maybe the wildlife will have either fled, died, or just faded away behind giant concrete buildings. It might even become too polluted for the marine life around the island.

 Is this the future that the world is facing? A world in which the ice caps have vanished and there is no Arctic wildlife and many species extinct due loss of habitat and climate change. Some low land countries and tropical islands underwater due to sea rise and major cities under threat of flooding due to more extreme weather because of climate change.

 And what will have been the primary cause of all this destruction? Us. It is most likely that World War III will between us and Mother Nature. And what will be the result? We will both be wiped out.

 This is why we must take action against climate change and loss of habitat. Who can make the biggest difference in the end? Us, as human beings we have a responsibility to take care of our planet, and we have neglected it. Would you do this to your own house? Then why should you do this to the planet? However the biggest point I have to make about climate change and global warming is to recognize that is very real and that we are putting our planet and our future generations into serious jeopardy.

  • Kieran Daley
  • : I am a student at Oundle School.
  • : youth_(12_–_18_as_of_31st_december_2019)
  • : This is the first time this story has been published.