Finca Luna Nueva Lodge enjoys an almost unfair advantage over all other destinations:  location, location, location.  It’s simply at the ideal spot on the planet for biodiversity, positioned as it is near the continental divide of a fertile finger of land (the Panamanian Land Bridge) that connects two continents and two oceans.   Think of all of North America as the northern part of an hourglass and all of South America as the southern counterpart.  Connecting those two landmasses is the Panamanian land bridge, and all of life in the western hemisphere pivots around the continental divide of that land bridge.  And that’s why Finca Luna Nueva is at the heart of the heart of biodiversity, directly at that pivot point, as life here is migrating from north to south, south to north, west to east, and east to west.  Its soils are products of hundreds of thousands of years of volcanic eruptions, the rains are nourishing, it’s never too hot or too cold, the growing season is YES!, ALWAYS!, all go and no slow, and then on top of it all it’s at the edge of one of the largest protected areas in the northern hemisphere, namely, the Children’s Eternal Rainforest.

Want to see tropical birds?  The lodge is visited by some of the premier birders of the world and its confirmed recent bird list is now over 275 species.  Scarlet macaws, great green macaws, king vultures, four species of toucans, nearly a dozen hummingbird species, and on and on – it’s an ideal spot for birding.  It just opened a new artistically designed bamboo birding station above the canopy, which overlooks a wildlife corridor and the Arenal Volcano.   It has birding stations throughout the farm, set up so you can park yourselves near king vultures in a field or white collared manakins in a swampy area.  These birding stations permit you easily to experience a wide range of tropical birds in their native habitat.  And it’s also within easy driving range of cloud forest for quetzal and a giant wildlife reserve where a covered boat takes you up a jungle river in prime migration territory.   All in all, birders can see up to 600 species throughout the year.

Or do you want hiking in protected rainforest habitat on private trails in the Children’s Eternal Forest wildlife corridor?  That’s here, at this tropical paradise, along with night tours through the rainforest guided for your inspiration and safety.

And then you’ll learn of the deep ecological mission of Finca Luna Nueva, where they explore the latest concepts of what is now called regenerative agriculture.  World leaders came to the lodge a few years ago to inaugurate the world regenerative agriculture movement, and the farmers here are demonstrating that regenerative agriculture works in tropical growing conditions, reviving ecological vitality and biodiversity while also producing abundant and nourishing food.  That food, by the way, is served in the exceptional farm-to-table restaurant at the lodge.  And for the adults, we were happy to sit at a spectacular black bamboo bar and sip farm-to-bar specialty cocktails while overlooking a gorgeous pool.

And finally, the lodge offers a “thousand-year journey” through the history of cacao and chocolate.  The farm grows multiple prized varieties of cacao and takes the crop from harvest through fermentation, roasting, grinding, and on to the making of the hot and spicy Mayan Drink of the Gods and then modern chocolate.   If you’re a chocolate lover, Finca Luna Nueva is truly your dream come true.   And if you like your chocolate milky, you’re in luck!  Its regenerative organic dairy is on site, and you can even milk the cows before making your milk chocolate.

Sound like paradise?  We found it so, delighting in everything from its bamboo yoga pavilion to its comfortable and air-conditioned guest rooms.  In every way, Finca Luna Nueva offers an ideal experience of the tropical rainforest.

  • Charlotte Read Boswell
  • : Traveling to and taking groups to Costa Rica has been my passion for the last 5 years. I have discovered an Eco-lodge named Finca Luna Nueva Lodge that can accommodate exactly what I need to provide a perfect experience. The combination of excellent affordable lodging, birding, hiking, a chocolate tour, and educational farm tour make for an experience of a lifetime. I love to see others enjoy this magical spot.
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