Is this the most romantic place on earth?

If you want to visit the most romantic place on Earth make sure you take a visit to the Tunnel of Love in the Ukraine.

The Tunnel of Love, a tunnel formed over a forgotten railway in the Ukraine is a eco friendly, hidden gem waiting to be discovered in the Ukraine.

While many people outside of the Ukraine have not heard of this attraction, if you want to get a perfect instagram shot in a relatively undiscovered natural paradise, the Tunnel of Love is an ideal place to do so.

Tunnel of Love 

If you haven’t heard of it before, The Tunnel of Love is a semi-abandoned railway line located in Klevan, Ukraine.

Ukrainians believe The Tunnel of Love to be one of the most romantic places on earth and many Ukrainian couples come to marvel at the greenery which has formed a perfect tunnel over a semi abandoned railway.

While some trains still frequent the railway, nowadays it is mainly used as an eco-friendly attraction, where people can walk, rather than ride a train, and marvel at unprecedented nature for around 3 km.

While it is an insanely beautiful place on earth, BEWARE, you will be sharing the beauty with human sized blood eating mosquitoes which also lurk in this corner of the world.

The Tunnel of Love is located somewhat off the beaten track but it is entirely worth the journey! The tunnel is located a 3 hour train ride from Lviv and 7 hour train ride from Kiev.

Near the tunnel, you can stay at a quirky tunnel of love themed hotel for a very reasonable rate. Many Ukrainian couples chose to get married here.

Interesting Facts about the Tunnel

The Tunnel of Love has very interesting beginnings which give it more of a reason to visit:

  • Trees were planted close to the railway line in the cold war era to conceal weapons being transported to the soviet military base at the end of the tunnel.
  • The Tunnel stays in perfect shape due to the Odek plywood factory who still occasionally use the tunnel to transport plywood to their base.
  • Whether the military base is still in use is top secret. At the end of the tunnel, the railway line diverges: to Odek plywood factory to the right and to a secret Ukrainian military base to the left.

Other Places to visit in the Ukraine?

The Tunnel of Love is not the only amazing place to visit in Ukraine in 2020.

If you want to visit one of the very few places that it is still very affordable and not overcrowded with tourists, Ukraine is a great place to go.

In terms of affordability, Ukraine is astonishingly even more affordable than many places in South East Asia, South America and Central America.

In addition to your visit to the Tunnel of Love you may also want to explore:

Kviv: The Capital of Ukraine is one of the best capital cities to explore in Europe. It has a very interesting soviet past along with many beautiful buildings including magnificent golden domed cathedrals .

Chernobyl: From Kiev, it is possible to take a day trip to Chernobyl, the town which was changed forever on 26 April 1986 when a nuclear power plant exploded. Viewers of the HBO’s hit series Chernobyl will appreciate seeing the hotel Dr Valery Legasov stays during his time managing the Chernobyl crisis. Don’t worry, Chernobyl is now entirely safe to visit, you will not die from radiation and Ukraine is taking positive eco friendly steps to rectify the damage even to this day.

Lviv:  Lviv, a city famous for outstanding coffee and chocolate, is one of the best small cities in Europe to explore. It is also home to many strange and quirky cafes including a former military bunker where you need a special password to enter! In the military bucker you have a chance to shoot Putin’s face. Yes, they are not big fans of the Russian president in Ukraine!


Don’t miss your chance to view some of the few underrated tourist destinations left in the world while you still have the chance.

With the world becoming more and more connected, undiscovered placed and hidden gems are harder and harder to come by.

The Tunnel of Love and the cities surrounding the tunnel in Ukraine are relatively undiscovered but hurry with places this cool, the secret won’t last long!

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