Bringing Stories to Life: The Wildlife Blog Collection Book

Heading into January 2019, we set ourselves the challenge of publishing a 300-page book about wildlife in one month.

Amazed by the quality and quantity of Wildlife Blogger of the Year entries, we decided to showcase and share these stories more widely in a book. Even more ambitiously, we challenged ourselves to compile, edit, design, market and publish all in one month.

Thanks to 70 writers and bloggers from around the world who put their favourite wildlife moments into words, the writing was a collaborative effort. But if you take the time, energy and creativity each writer poured into crafting their story and multiply by 70, you’ll have a rough idea of the value of the final book.

Creating that final book has been an enormous undertaking, but an incredibly fun creative process. From format and style to font and image credits, there are hundreds of big and small decisions that ultimately shape the end result.

Bringing a book to life

We were lucky enough to bring talented visual artist Pooja Gupta on board to design and illustrate the book. Her specialty is bringing environment and conservation stories to life – so we couldn’t have asked for a better fit to create this book.

Better yet, to really bring the stories’ characters – the wildlife – to life, she crafted a series of original line drawings which can be found throughout the book.

Because the stories took place all over the globe, we wanted to show each story’s location on a map. It’s pretty amazing to be able to journey from semi-wild horses in Mongolia, to snakes in Borneo, to motmots in Peru just by turning a page. Insert some serious skill and creativity, and a Google map becomes … a story map!

Can you really publish a book in one month?

Surprisingly, yes! With story material on hand, a LOT of hard work and some great creative collaboration, it’s possible.

We had a few people share their experiences publishing books (thank you!) and we’ve had others who’ve asked for advice. We found it really useful to refer to Pat Flynn’s guide. He breaks the process down in a way that anyone can follow and implement, making it fun rather than overwhelming.

Seeing the final product take shape makes all this month’s work worthwhile. We’re getting excited to share with you:

The Wildlife Blog Collection
Around the World in 70 Unforgettable Wildlife Moments

The eBook will be available on 14th February – Valentine’s Day. You can pre-order today to save 38% (£4.99 instead of £7.99) and we’ll email you the book on Valentine’s Day.

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