One day I decided I had enough; I had enough of not having anyone to support me or of having friends who didn’t understand the importance of opening up to the world and getting out of their comfort zone. So I decided to do it by myself, trying with all possible means to find opportunities to travel and show how wrong they were in my local reality. And little by little I got the first results; the first trips; my first important experiences for my professional career; my first international friendships. And I decided not to stop, I wanted to continue. Travel has become a vital aspect of my life, of my future, but more importantly, the fundamental glue to build new human relationships and strengthen the old ones. Yes, because even my friends in my city started to look at me with more curiosity, listening to my stories, my experiences and asking me how to do them too to satisfy that growing desire to leave. There are circumstances in our lives where we need to take a break from the rhythms of our daily lives. There are times during our day when stress takes over because we are too busy thinking about the future and never enjoying what we have around us. There are days when the desire to take the world map and escape for a while becomes irresistible, while not knowing where exactly we would like to go. And then it happens. In the end, we manage to find the right place to relax and even forget that problems are around the corner, because that place is so beautiful and relaxing, fascinating, lost in time, almost out of a history book, that it is difficult to remember to live in a chaotic and hectic 21st century. This place is La Bergerie de Villarceux, in the upper part of France. La Bergerie is a refreshing place for the mind and body, where the world stops for a moment and shows what you don’t expect: organic food, healthy drinks, a pristine countryside and very helpful people. It’s a farmhouse. Never there was a place more appropriate. The aim of the farmhouse, built in the early nineteenth century, is to allow its guests the opportunity to enjoy the good air of the countryside and the food produced in a strictly organic way, a fundamental part of the objectives set. The main entrance introduces well the friendly and cordial atmosphere that guests will find, consisting of a large outdoor space consisting of wooden tables and chairs to share food with the various guests of the farmhouse; The staff is always willing to make guests feel at ease, as far as possible, through long walks and guided tours of the surrounding areas, populated by many farm animals and a long journey through the greenery that ends with a very clean river and in a geographically attractive position to rest a little ‘before the sunset on which it beats can illuminate it making it a sweet golden slime. Nearby, from the perfect contour of yesteryear, a castle, very well preserved and that stands hieratic and statuesque, as if time had not scratched it. The old-fashioned appearance of the place should not deceive much, with free and working internet access, as well as the most modern kitchen and breeding machinery to ensure their presence to all in the contemporary world … even if it is far away. People from many parts of the world and from all social backgrounds are able to integrate perfectly with the spirit of the place, thanks to its intrinsic ability to build an ideal bridge between innovation and traditiong. In this regard, a direct experience of this kind with the person in charge of the production of fabulous French artisan bread was very rewarding; a personal story, which led him to take an interest in this field, extremely interesting and rich in details. A master of life, witty, authoritarian and competent in his role. The rest of the experience is simply has to be lived. And I’m not just saying that. The ability of the place to capture the attention of its guests through the five senses has few equals: the scents of organic food, the view of an enchanting place, the absence of annoying noises, the delicious taste of the food and touching with your hands a reality to which few are now accustomed. I think of them, of my friends, old and new. The first with the desire to leave, the second with the desire to continue. And then there is me, who often feel between the two worlds. With the heart and mind divided between them but at the same time addressed to them. Journey is not only the strength of friendship, but the key, the answer that can allow people to get out of social isolation and leave their fears at home. Travel is a second chance to live life, a spiritual renaissance, a resurrection of the soul.

  • Nicolò Emanuele Passaro
  • : I’m a person with many interdisciplinary interestings. I write some papers and Essay about important nowdays topic, in particular about Environment and Ecologic problem. In this way, I development a strong interdisciplinary connection between dilemmas of the contemporary world. In a reality where it is necessary, in my opinion, to have a holistic approach and a multidisciplinary perspective to contemporary life and problems, Travel is the Key
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