Morning Sun

The huge, sun-tanned cliffs loomed over me as we traipsed over the soft, golden sand. We being my Mother, the dog and I, out on a morning walk, down at the beach. I unwrapped my jumper with a content sigh as the sun peeked around the creamy white clouds. I took a deep breath in, and filled my nostrils with the sweet, clear scent of Cornish air. It was a beautiful day and the sight of the transparent, blue ocean only added to the aesthetic.

Bumble (our 2 year old pup ) buzzed around the beach blissfully, yapping and chasing anything that moved. Grinning I knelt into the sand and ‘snap’. Pushed my finger over the trigger of my dad’s camera and took a hilarious picture of Bumble, leaping in all her beauty, with ears flying high like kites on a summer breeze. Days later, that picture would be in my bedroom, a memory of this breathtaking day.

Walking down towards the sea now, we collected pebbles and small stones to hurl out into the shallow waters. The sun glinted off the sparkling ocean and waves crashed down with majestic power. Pausing for a moment I stopped and watched a surfer as he leapt up onto his board and skimmed down from the crest of the wave, twisting and turning as he went. However this wonder was short lived as an icy cold trickle wrapped around my ankles. Looking down in surprise I saw that the tide had washed right up to where I was standing! Kicking and splashing, I raced back up the beach – absolutely soaked! Nonetheless this didn’t dampen my spirits and, together, my Mum and I strolled back along the beach and took in every last dredge of Cornish sun before we had to depart for home for another year.

  • Thomas Kemp
  • : Oundle School. English. I like Cornwall.
  • : youth_(12_–_18_as_of_31st_december_2019)
  • : This is the first time this story has been published.