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Twelve days holiday exploring the prime birds’ habitats in Bulgaria and allows you to see over 200 bird species including the South-east European specialties.

This tour is specially prepared to show you the best of the Bulgarian birdlife under an optimal time schedule. You will arrive at Varna airport and thus our tour will start from the north Black sea coast where we will catch most of the northern migrants, some of them already in full breeding plumage. After it we will drive down to the south sea coast to explore the wetlands here for more migrant and breeding birds.

The second half of our tour will be spend into the mountains of south Bulgaria where the late breeders have already arrived. Our tour will end up at Vitosha Mountain, and your departure flight will be from Sofia airport. We are going to see more than 200 species, including some of the rarest European and Bulgarian specialties – Olive-tree and Paddyfield Warblers, Semi-collared Flycatcher, Isabelline and Pied Wheatears, Wallcreeper, Black-headed Bunting, Long-legged Buzzard and the Levant Sparrowhawk. There will be plenty of opportunities to see butterflies, plants and magnificent scenery.

Top Five Birds

  1. Black-headed Bunting
  2. Semi-collared Flycatcher
  3. Masked Shrike
  4. Wallcreeper
  5. Imperial Eagle


At Terra Incognita we support tours that do good in the world. They must help to conserve the environment, support local people, and educate their guests. Here’s what Dobromir from Wild Echo said to us…

What conservation activities do you support through the tour, and your wider operations?

We have been supporting several activities, mainly related with Saker falcon and Souslik conservation.

For example: In my 20ies I have worked for almost 10 years, as a volunteer for small Bulgarian NGO – Birds of Prey Protection Society. I soon become a chairman and these were the best years. My main work was the wildlife crime and the Saker falcon was the main target, already being depleted completely by falconers who robbed every single nest for many years. At the end the species was gone – in 1998. I was the first person in Bulgaria to say that we need reintroduction. At the time everybody laugh, half because they did not believe in it, the other half because the thought it is impossible.

10 years latter I have bought the first pair of Saker falcons from Germany and the captive breeding was started, soon we got more pairs and in 2013 the releases started. Despite all the troubles and problems and mistakes and birds being lost, we have continued and virtually a 10 days ago the first Saker Falcon breeding in Bulgaria for the last 20 years was confirmed. Both birds released in 2015 by another NGO – Green Balkans. And that pair was found by ornithologist from Birdlife Bulgaria, so an excellent team work. Hopefully soon, in 10 years, the Saker falcon can easily be seen again in Bulgaria and will inhabit again many of the traditional sites. So I did quite a work on my favorite raptor over the years. And some of these activities I have funded with part of the profits from our tours.

The Suslik is the food item for the falcons when the young are hatched and it is also in decline due to the change in the agriculture. Amazingly the new pair has settled near a Suslik colony despite the fact that they have never been fed with susliks when young! We are also now working on a project for a suslick restoration in area where it was numerous until 15 years ago and now there is almost no animals, due to the agriculture change!

How does the tour support local people?

Using as much as possible their services and products. The main reason for me to start with this business 15 years ago was exactly the fact that I have realize that the main power behind changing people and authorities mind and attitude towards nature is the income it brings. And I know we did some good job in that respect, both with local people and our guests.

What type of environmental education activities do you incorporate into your tour?

We educate both our guests and local providers by providing info and explaining in details various nature conservation and especially bird protection issues, mainly in Bulgaria, but also on a global level. There include main issues such species conservation activities, population trend, habitat loss, bird crime but also plastic use, agricultural policy and practices, transport and pollution etc.


Wild Echo are local and possess local knowledge; they know the country and the birds and butterflies intimately. They are an honest, caring company, both for their clients and for the environment and they endeavor to give excellent service at reasonable prices. I always come home wanting to go with them again.

The most memorable moment of my recent trip was being in a remote and floral meadow filled with roosting butterflies and coming across a resting Apollo. The subsequent image has won gold medals and other photographic awards in exhibitions.

Don’t hesitate to go with Wild Echo; they are a caring, considerate organisation with superb knowledge of Bulgaria, it’s customs, locations and it’s wildlife. Trevor Davenport, July 2018.

• Experience of the tour = 5/5
• Tour’s contribution to conservation = 5/5
• Tour’s contribution to local communities = 5/5
• The education of the tour = 5/5



Tour Operator | Wild Echo
Contact Name | Mr. Dobromir Domuschiev
Contact Email | info@wildechotours.com
Website | www.wildechotours.com
Tour | www.wildechotours.com/en/Spring-birdwatching-holiday-best-birding-Europe.html

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