Ever wondered where bloggers’ inspiration for writing about wildlife comes from, apart from nature? We asked the bloggers and judges of Wildlife Blogger of the Year to reveal their blogging ‘idols’. Here’s what they had to say:

“So many! I read a lot – but I don’t try to be like anyone else. I’m stuck with being me.” Mark Avery, Britain’s premier wildlife blogger and Wildlife Blogger of the Year Judge.

Mike Shanahan, author of “Ladders to Heaven” – he writes in a simple, accessible yet informative and entertaining style.” – Daisy Ouya, Science Writer and Wildlife Blogger of the Year Judge.

“My writing idol is someone I have only just discovered, but his passion is so inspiring. Blowfish’s Oceanopedia, written by Tom “The Blowfish” Hird, is a perfect combination of easy-to-digest science and humour.” – Rebecca Gibson, author of A brief encounter – a lasting memory.

“One of our writing idols is Bill Bryson. His sense of humour makes any trip with him unforgettable.” Constance & Frederik, authors of Nose-to-muzzle with a spectacled bear.

“I love to follow the Hall of Einar as he has some amazing encounters from some lovely locations. Just a nice easy read!” – Suzanne, author of Manta rays in the Maldives.

“Dr. Jane Goodall is my writing idol. While this is a bit of an unconventional choice, her field notes are incredible: raw, vivid, and authentic. I think that too often, we polish our views of reality to present them in a “filtered” way. Jane’s honest observations and reflections as a young scientist in the field are invaluable, refreshing, and inspiring.” – Eleyse Morgon, author of Heaven in Hells Canyon.

“I like to read different styles. I like anyone who tries to inspire or challenges the way we live.” – David Rigden, author of Where dragons roam the earth.

“I really like Asha Tanna’s blog, “Whogivesamonkeys: An urban primate with a conscience.” She is an ex-journalist and news anchor who recently was diagnosed with cancer. She packed in journalism and decided to re-train as a SCUBA dive instructor. She writes about all her travel experiences around the world.

She is one hell of a globetrotter and really lives life to the full! Her blogs are always very raw, candid, filled with humour and emotion, and she takes an awesome snap!” – Carolyn Thompson, author of Do you have an inner swamp ogre?

“I recently started reading material from Nicolas Cole. Although he writes lots of content on entrepreneurship, he provides some excellent tips on how to write better.” – Hiral Naik, author of Breakfast with the blue-crowned motmot.

“Myself, I am my greatest inspiration. Honestly speaking I had never read any wildlife advocacy blog before I started writing. A blogger who is a ranger and ecologist are hard to meet, probably that’s what makes my blog quite unique.” – Abraham Njenga, author of Rescuing ‘Bahati’ the elephant calf.

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Main image by Festival della Scienza/Flickr.