The Wildlife Tragedy of Swen Town | by Anthonette Quayee

Disclaimer: The names and locations in this story are not factual. Although, this is a true life environmental scenario, the real names and locations have been replaced.

Swen Town is a commercial town within the City of Williamston, it has multiple water bodies with their associated biodiversity. The town has everything it needs to be one of the developed towns within its region. Unfortunately, development seems so distant and hard to even conceive for the inhabitants in this town…

At the centre of Swen Town lies the Tarpeh wetland that serves as a habitat for several endangered species, including the Pratincole and the Curlew. Williamston is a part of the International Treaty to conserve Wetlands. At the time Williamston became signatory to this Treaty (2005), they gave their partners an assurance to keep five of their many wetlands while monetarily benefiting from the agreement.

In 2015, Williamston had a successful election, where in the masses voted and elected their most loved first woman to ever lead the City. One of the early proposal from the newly elected governor, was to carry on construction at the Tarpeh Wetland. The new governor stated that she had long been viewing the Wetland, and she’s for sure that her intention for that site will serve as a spotlight to Williamston.

Mr Daniel returned to his students after he received his Doctor of Philosophy Degree from an International Eastern University. He was firmed with muscles, tall, a conservationist and a man with high integrity before he left.

But all these were out in the dark upon his return. Mr Daniel now seemed much slimmed; it must have been due to change in diet during his studies-he went to a strange land with different food type. I will say, he even lost his honesty towards the conservation of natural resources.

Upon his first appearance, with the final year students, Mr Daniel dealt with the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species. He gave reasons why his Town should not fully abide by all environmental concessions under this treaty. He stressed on the questions that are asked by most Swen Town environmentalist.

”Why did Sustainable Development arise after developed countries have fully developed themselves? Is Sustainable Development just a concept to stop underdeveloped countries from using their resources?” These were the main questions discussed during that class.

As days went by, school activities went on, this question became irrelevant to some students, while others made research and derived at a partial acceptable answer.

It was next class time. Mr Daniel had just entered class, he quickly collected the assignment he gave them during his previous class. The assignment title was “The Environmental implication of building infrastructure on the Tarpeh Wetland”.

This session was interactive, except for the fact that he had control over the discussion. Mr Daniel stressed the need for Williamston to disengaged from some of the concessions agreement they were signatory to. His argument was based on the fact that there have not been any visible benefit from these agreements.

Some students said that benefits were given but the result of bad governance in Williamston was the cause of lack of development and high poverty rate. All alone his support was with the development of the infrastructure on the Tarpeh Wetland. The discussion became so intense that he told one of his students “this is my class, you don’t tell me what to teach”. He argued against Sustainable Development, as a result he became a contradiction of himself.

Before Mr Daniel left for his Philosophy Degree, he taught his students to embrace sustainable development, as it will help foster efficient use of the natural resources.

The students wanting their voices to be heard, took it as their duty to get the Governor’s attention. Within two weeks, they held a peaceful protest and audience were given to them. They had facts and recommendations to showcase to the Governor.

Reference were given to other cities that were gaining credits on their carbon by keeping their wild flora. The students suggested that the Governor should strategize ideas in order for the Town to benefit more from its wildlife and biodiversity, at large.

The Governor, knowing that the idea was right, accepted the student’s proposal to leave the Tarpeh Wetland and construct the infrastructure on another site that is free of wildlife.

Mr Daniel later realized what had happened, rethink his thoughts and decided to join the movement in fostering Sustainable Development and Wildlife Conservation. The students welcomed him and he served as the supervisor on the advocacy group.

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