One day, a professors gave me a paper with a single point and told me: Get out of this point and draw me a shape.

The point is really beautiful, if you follow the paths you drew, you will reach the original, the point was the origin and drawing is the tree.

It was a strange world, and if the two lines want to communicate between them, they must return to the point of origin because it is the common denominator among them, and each line we remove reduces our chances of finding the original point.

Life is the common point among all the people of the world, a common way that makes us appreciate the desire of animals to survive. Every extinction means that we have removed a line that reminds us of our origin.

One day I was walking in the tourist area of ​​Beni Mellal, famous for its abundance of water.

The dog was trying to go to river to drink water, but he could not pass to the other side of the street because of the passage of cars, I looked at him and looked at me, I really felt he was addressing me, no doubt that my pity for him made us meet across the line of life we ​​shared, life is a common denominator that all kinds of things have crossed, I felt him say to me, what is my sin. What did I do to the people whose street deprived me of drinking water from the river?

I really hoped at that moment if the street passed from somewhere else.

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Aymen El Gharadi

I am an university student who likes to solve dilemmas in a strange way. I find that the world is oddly connected, and that any idea can serve everyone.

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