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See some of the best birds in the Seychelles with local guide Steve Agricole from Birding Seychelles.

Top Five Birds

  1. Seychelles White-eye
  2. Seychelles Kestrel
  3. Seychelles Scops Owl
  4. Seychelles Black Parrot
  5. Seychelles Paradise Flycatcher


At Terra Incognita we support tours that do good in the world. Here’s what Steve Agricole from Birding Seychelles said to us…

As a small entrepreneur and birding guide my dream is to work with local schools to raise awareness of conservation and protection of species in the Seychelles. I hope that being on the ethical bird tours list will help to propel me into achieving something really good in the benefit of our environment and its wildlife.

NOTE: We want to help smaller tours who are working towards conserving the environment, educating guests and more. We have heard great things about Steve’s tours, are happy to include him in our list and hope to see his impacts grow over time.


“I went to visit my brother in the Seychelles and found Steve’s Birdwatching Tour. He took me around the entire island of Mahe and helped me add so many birds to my life list. He is professional, friendly, a great driver and really knows where to find the best birds! He is one of a kind and I would highly recommend him for anybody looking to add Seychelles endemics and some migrants to their life list. He is a licensed tour operator as well”. Tammarin, July 2018.



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