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São Tomé is a tropical paradise covered with rainforests, savannahs and mangroves. It hosts one of world´s richest endemic fauna and flora. On this one-week trip we will take advantage of a dry season to explore the island and its biodiversity and we will look for rare and extraordinary birds such as dwarf olive ibis (Bostrychia bocagei). Summing up, it will be possible to look for more than 60 bird species that do not exist in Europe, and of which over a third are endemic of São Tomé and Príncipe archipelago.

Top Five Birds

  1. Dwarf Olive Ibis
  2. Giant Sunbird
  3. São Tomé Fiscal
  4. São Tomé Paradise Flycatcher
  5. São Tomé Prinia


At Terra Incognita we support tours that do good in the world. They must help to conserve the environment, support local people, and educate their guests. Here’s what Hugo Sampaio from SPEA said to us…

What conservation activities do you support through the tour, and your wider operations?

SPEA is a bird conservation charity based in Portugal and BirdLife International Partner. SPEA is working on capacity building active management and sustainable financing of the São Tomé and Príncipe Natural Parks. This tour directly supports nature conservation on this country by raising money to the parks.

What type of environmental education activities do you incorporate into your tour?

All the tour is very enriching in terms of the biodiversity and livelihoods of the country. São Tomé and Príncipe is a biodiversity and endemism hotspot at the same level of importance of the Galapágos. During the tour we will learn not only about birds but also about the cultural aspects of people living in this country. We will learn about meditional plants and visit organic coffee and cocoa plantations.


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Tour Operator | SPEA – Portuguese Society for the Study of Birds
Contact Name | Hugo Sampaio
Contact Email | hugo.sampaio@spea.pt
Website | www.spea.pt
Tour | http://www.spea.pt/calendario/?id=1001

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