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The Wildlife Blogger of the Year 2018 | Readers’ Choice winner is awarded based on the number of votes gathered by each entry. Anyone can vote for their Readers’ Choice winner by using the voting form at the bottom of any entry page.

The winner will receive:

  • A pair of SWAROVSKI OPTIK CL Companion 10×30 binoculars (RRP £930). These elegant binoculars, with impressive optics, are ideal of travelling.

  • Promotion and recognition as the winner of the Wildlife Blogger of the Year 2018, plus a winner’s certificate. Rocket-fuel for your blog, and your career!
  • Your winning entry published on some of the biggest wildlife blogs online, including Mark Avery and Conservation Careers.
  • Opportunity to be interviewed for two popular wildlife podcasts – Conservation Careers Podcast with Dr Nick Askew, and the Wild Voices Project with Matt Adam Williams.
  • A career boost from Conservation Careers – including a year’s Lion membership of Conservation Careers, access to the Conservation Career Kick-starter online course, plus one hour of career coaching (worth £199).

Two Runners Up will each receive:

  • Promotion and recognition as the runner up of the Wildlife Blogger of the Year 2018, plus a certificate. A huge boost for your blog, and your career.
  • Your winning entry published on Conservation Careers.
  • A career boost from Conservation Careers – including year’s Lion membership of Conservation Careers, access to the Conservation Career Kick-starter online course (worth £149).

Here are the latest votes as of 16th Dec 2018. We aim to update the leader-board regularly. Voting will now close on 21st December and we won’t be updating the leaderboard again now till we announce the winners.

NOTE: We carefully monitor votes to remove duplicate entries and fake emails. For a vote to count it must be a valid email, one vote per person. Multiple emails from one person will not count and all votes submitted by that person will be excluded.

Title Number Votes
Rescuing ‘Bahati’ the elephant calf – by Abraham Chege Njenga 1 1122
The Cutest Bat in the World by Hernani Fernandes Magalhaes de Oliveira 35 1115
First time in the wilderness: thought and reality by Uthman 59 1104
Crowning the King by Josh Robertson 41 518
Not all those who wander are lost by Badri Baral 33 476
Nose-to-muzzle with a Spectacled Bear by Constance & Frederik 14 238
From swamp to agricultural land to fish ground to water supply – by Wandera Alex 39 227
When in a (rain)forest… | by Diana Banik 84 225
Reflections of the human bond with the natural world by Leonie Hofstra 29 166
Vanishing peccaries by Dr Nataly Hidalgo Aranzamendi 62 152
The Painted Wolf and Me – by Tolga Aktas 2 135
Experiencing wildlife through the eyes of children by Victoria Wangui Wanjohi 42 123
The one that got away | by Alex Brickle 55 111
Have we lost the Podocarpus harlequin frog for good? 68 107
So there is such a place at Impala Park? by John Ouko Riaga 11 102
How plan to fight terrorism gave birth to rhino sanctuary – by Njenga Hakeenah 5 98
A Bittersweet Return by James Michael Common 13 97
Great horned owlet gets warm with mum – by Kate Paton 44 91
The Ol Pejeta Experience by Anthony Ochieng Onyango 8 88
Cheetahs sometimes prosper – by Kathleen Retourne 36 83
Helios and Selene Delight | by Blair Charles Jones 72 82
All I Want for Christmas is 100 Turtle Eggs by Elisha Petrie 61 78
On the Trail of Giants – Life and Death in Botswana by Kaitlin Flood 12 77
Halcyon Daze by Alexandra Pearce 19 71
Finding Love in Hope, a Baby Elephants’ Story – by Kevin Lunzalu 6 66
A close encounter | by Tyla Autumn Barnfield 69 62
The day I saw The Grey Ghost – by Suchismita Koulaskar 47 57
People just need to be directed in the right direction – by Winnie Cheche 45 55
The Masai Mara – It was a photography Safari | by Eric Olonana Sindiyo 74 52
Manta Rays in the Maldives by Suzanne 17 51
Tyto Alba Time Capsules – The joys of dissecting owl pellets! by Kate MacRae 30 51
Orcas in the mist – by Rachael Barber 7 49
Where Dragons Roam The Earth by David Rigden 15 49
The ‘tough as old boots’ conservationist by Kate Stephenson 54 43
Grabbing the window by Steve Midgley 34 42
Picture the Nature | by Azman Salleh 82 41
Do you have an inner swamp ogre? By Carolyn Thompson 25 40
Cuddle Me ~ Kill Me, a story of the lion farming industry in South Africa | by Debbie Groom 73 39
The Unexpected Ular by Bryony Slaymaker 58 34
Once open Round Island | by Aurelie Hector 83 34
A Brief Encounter – A Lasting Memory by Rebecca Gibson 26 33
Lessons learnt with the Orangutans in Borneo – by Glenio Araujo 79 31
Breathe, squeal, repeat | by Rose Boardman 87 31
Mulling Over Culling | by Asiem Sanyal 76 29
In Fallow’s Footsteps | by Jeni Bell 50 28
Breakfast with the blue-crowned motmot by Hiral Naik 27 25
Into The Mist: Gorilla Tracking in Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park – by Scott Dicken 40 25
Heaven in Hells Canyon by Eleyse Morgan 16 22
The Running of the Deer by Richard Turner 18 21
JAWS: The Friendly Adaptation – by Rachel Louise Gunn 4 20
The Omen of Ostional – by Patrick Lally 90 19
The Ocean All Around by Jessica Groenendijk 48 17
Communication | by Meike Becker 49 17
The day the elephants came to tea | by Alex Chalkley 81 17
The Battle of Antarctica – by Jeremy Duggan 3 16
The Awakening of Guyana’s Rainforest by Molly Crookshank 66 16
The truth behind my lion selfie | by Jess Murray 91 16
A Surprise Encounter with a Puma Family by Margarita Steinhardt 22 14
Can you set your watch after a bird? by Bente & Uffe 71 10
Encountering the Queen of the South African Coast by Hannah Rudd 64 9
From cheetahs to change, what conservation means to me… by Jenna L Testa 32 8
On the wild side by Katie the Tourist 10 7
Butterfly on the edge – the precarious and beautiful world of the Glanville fritillary by Susy Jones 21 7
The Wildlife Tragedy of Swen Town by Anthonette Quayee 56 7
The Jewel in the Crown: New Zealand’s Yellow-Eyed Penguin by Tracy Brighten 57 7
Liverpool’s Hidden Nightlife | by Robert Wreglesworth 70 7
Hanging with the Herd; one dream day but what’s the lasting legacy? | by Jess Wise 46 6
Wild Love Stories by Antonietta Luciani 31 5
The Mauritian flying panda by Michaël 20 4
Should I or Shouldn’t I Pet that Cute Lion Cub? By Margrit Harris 24 4
A journey into the rainforest, was it a cat-astrophe? by Mark Thomas 63 4
The People and the Pangolin | by Ben Chapple 86 4
Wilderness Calling by Miriam Lord 23 3
The Incarnation of the New Form of Poaching – by Caroline 78 3
The wild animal, unappreciated contribution – by Rukundo Joshua 43 2
Urban Wildlife: A City After Dark | by Aimee Renwick 85 2
A touch of miracle | by Alice 89 2
The Most Beautiful Night of My Life by Blupi Jess 9 1
Beyond the Boundaries of Wildlife by Hannah 28 1
They don’t Know Who We are by Narena Olliver 37 1
A Bittersweet Fly-By – A Royal Albatross Experience by Hannah Giles 38 1
The Elephant in the Shower | by Lin Barrie 51 1
Meeting My Kin in the Bwindi Impenetrable by Piritta Paija 52 1
Jetty by Sheena James 53 1
The original point by Aymen El Gharadi 60 1
Crowned Ruler of the Skies by Nyawira Gitaka Esther 65 1
Welcome to the Jungle by Jordan Flagel 67 1
Tracking snakes in the Kalahari | by Thilo Beck 75 1
The rare jungle cat that thrives in degraded rainforests | by Gianluca Cerullo 77 1
The land of the wolverine | by Sam Puls 80 1
Dolphins at Dusk | by Emily Cooper 88 1
Total 7963