Being a hobbyist wildlife photographer demands me to visit quieter places where there is less human presence. Obviously this doesn’t sound fun (we all need to socialize with fellow human beings after all), but the boredom balances out once I get to see the nature and observe the antics of the wildlife.

The whole experience in trying to capture images of wildlife is an entertainment in itself. Walking around with a camera, listening to the sound of the jungle, and hurrying for shelter when the rain starts to fall are all good fun and workout. And the reward is beautiful pictures of beautiful creatures.

Of course visual delights per se are never a remedy for our soul, how about exercising our brain and see what further benefit we can squeeze out of the pictures? I enjoy processing the images on my computer: cropping the frame, perusing every detail and pixel, enhancing the color and so on to make a picture look pleasing, finally sharing it on the internet.

Sometimes we want to capture “something more” than just static birds perched on a branch. You can’t simply ask a wildlife to act out different poses for the camera, and this is where luck plays out. Many times, I would sit and wait at certain spot or jungle track for some wildlife to show up. Animals go about their daily routines around roughly the same area and certain time of the day, and if we are lucky and quick enough, we get to capture entertaining shots of their antics.

I will consider myself lucky if I can photograph multiple subjects in a single frame. The wildlife I see in the jungle are generally territorial, they sit in a considerable distance from each other, even if they belong to the same species. An exception is that if they are mates, or they from the same immediate family. It is also heart-warming to see parents wandering around with their offspring, to know species so-and-so is thriving in the wild despite their “Threatened” status.

I hope what I see and capture can delight others, and inspire us to do what we can in preserving the habitat of these valuable treasures.

About the Entry

Azman Salleh

Hi, I am an overworked freelancer in the language field. I translate and write websites and documents, spending too many hours in front of my laptop. I try to sneak out into the jungles once a week, to look at the leaves, trees and wildlife to sooth my tired eyes. The truth is I still need to process the pictures on my laptop, so I keep running in circles. Oh well…

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