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Conserving the environment, preserving the native cultures, developing sustainable tourism in Peru. Inkaterra is a Peruvian organization that has over 43 years of experience in sustainable tourism initiatives. It focuses on preserving Peru’s nature and cultures and sharing them with the world. Each year Inkaterra hosts more than 200,000 travellers providing authentic nature experiences in Peru, while rescuing, presenting and showcasing Peru’s culture and nature for the world.

Top Five Birds

  1. Black-faced cotinga
  2. Blue-and-yellow macaw
  3. White-throated toucan
  4. Paradise tanager
  5. Sunbittern


At Terra Incognita we support tours that do good in the world. They must help to conserve the environment, support local people, and educate their guests. Here’s what Elizabeth Milicich from Inkaterra said to us…

What conservation activities do you support through the tour, and your wider operations?

Inkaterra is involved in many research and conservation projects through its non-profit organization Inkaterra Asociación.

Some of the activities are a Bird banding station in Madre de Dios, Wildlife monitoring system with Trail Cams in Madre de Dios, a Spectacled Bear Rescue Center in Machu Picchu, and Orchid research and conservation in Machu Picchu.

Inkaterra does a lot of research in the area and understands the importance of preserving the rainforest; we share this knowledge with our guests through various land and river excursions provided during their stay with us. Through research we have been able to create bird check lists, bird calendars, field guides, recordings of bird calls among others. 

The lodge, Inkaterra Reserva Amazónica, has been built according to the typical Ese´Eja-local style, and has a large Main House and 35 wooden cabañas built on stilts and has limited electricity.

How does the tour support local people?

Around 90% of our staff is from Puerto Maldonado (local staff). We provide them with constant training and also career opportunities: the General Managers and part of our staff working at our three Amazon properties are from the area; at our other properties in the Andes, our explorer-guides and some other staff are also from the local area.

What type of environmental education activities do you incorporate into your tour?

Each Inkaterra guide receives training and explains the activities of Inkaterra Asociación in the area that they are guiding.

Inkaterra has trained more than 4,000 local people since it was founded and regularly organizes workshops and conferences for local communities to raise awareness about environmental care.

You can read more about Inkaterra’s research, conservation and education initiatives, as well as their awards and recognitions, at


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