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If you’re thinking of a Nature-watching holiday in southern Europe, Birding-in-Portugal.com has everything you could wish for. We specialise in finding out-of-the-ordinary bird-friendly accommodation, with professional, resident and fully licensed Birding and Nature Guides at your disposal.

As well as providing accommodation and Guides we’re also photographers and for those who aren’t, (and even for those who are!), we include in our Guiding a photographic record of the day and species we saw for your personal use. Being photographers ourselves helps us also give those in the same game the benefit of our extensive experience in this field and this area.

We have hides in the vicinity, one even in the garden which is especially geared towards Golden Orioles, (nesting in the garden between April and August), and which is free to use whenever you’d like.

Top Five Birds

  1. Great Bustard
  2. Spanish Imperial Eagle
  3. Montagu’s Harrier
  4. Blue Rock Thrush
  5. Spectacled Warbler


At Terra Incognita we support tours that do good in the world. They must help to conserve the environment, support local people, and educate their guests. Here’s what Frank McClintock from Paradise in Portugal said to us…

What conservation activities do you support through the tour, and your wider operations?

Totally solar-run accommodation including electricity production and water provision and heating, “Off-the-grid” living, Re-use of waste-water, regeneration of land to provide suitable habitat for birds and nature in general.

How does the tour support local people?

Education and re-set of local mind-set from “Kill it if it moves” to ” Let’s save what we still have”, Long-term Employment, (30 years in one case), Off-season short-term employment, Building of local Bird Hides for anyone’s use.

What type of environmental education activities do you incorporate into your tour?

Environmental education of tour participants as well as local inhabitants, Internationally given lectures of the need to conserve Cork Forests and the natural environment, Support for and active participation in Conservation efforts of Natural areas throughout the south of the country.


One of the most memorable moments was when Frank McClintock took us into a lovely valley not far from the Quinta hotel. We went there because it is a good place to see little owls and as Frank was driving, he spotted a little owl in a tree. When it moved to a closer tree, we managed to get some excellent photographs and it was looking straight at us for quite a while. On the same drive Frank also managed to find a flock of waxbills, which we’d mentioned we wanted to see. A very memorable and enjoyable day out!

Frank’s Quinta is in a stunning location, and Frank’s knowledge of birds and where to find them within the area is second to none. He is endlessly patient in finding the birds you want to see and helping you see them and photograph them. One day he drove us 270kms to see great bustards, rollers, and at least another 50 to 60 bird species.

If you want see and photograph birds, experience other flora and fauna and at the same time stay in the most beautiful, peaceful location, this tour is for you. Frank is a very knowledgeable and entertaining tour guide. He knows exactly where to find different species and when is the best time to see them. He is also an excellent photographer and will give you advice on getting the best photographs. After the tour he sends you a portfolio of photographs he has taken during your tour. Pete McSweeny, July 2018.

• Experience of the tour = 5/5
• Tour’s contribution to conservation = 5/5
• Tour’s contribution to local communities = 5/5
• Education provided by the tour = 5/5



Tour Operator | Paradise in Portugal
Contact Name | Frank McClintock
Contact Email |  info@birdinginportugal.com
Website |  www.birding-in-portugal.com

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