My favourite wildlife moment has to be when I got to witness a baby giraffe being born at my local zoo. About a year ago my favourite animal was of course the giraffe – they’re totally adorable and a fascinating creature. The enclosure offered opportunities to meet giraffes and help out for a while with them. I was super excited but I was never ever to imagine what would happen when I was there!

The experience started out as any normal meet the animals tour. I went through the jobs for the day, met the keepers and learned a lot! It was truly inspirational to hear what these incredible and selfless people do for these animals! The enclosures themselves were exactly like their natural habitats – it wasn’t small and it replicated the wild making eventual release easier for them.

I got to finally meet the giraffes along with my friendly guide and I’ll never forget walking around the fence and past the bars being faced with these magestic creatures! I got to feed them and attend to all the needs along side the most amazing handlers out there and I was inspired.

Then everything changed, what was originally just supposed to be a zoo experiences turned into witnessing the most beautiful experience of my life. I will never forget it for the rest of my life! From a small enclosure off to the side and under heated lamps and secluded quiet there was a heavily pregnant giraffe. I wasn’t able to go into the room itself but there was a glass window right next to the female giraffe. These handlers had been waiting days to welcome the new arrival and now it was happening. It was so exciting and I couldn’t believe my luck!

The process itself didn’t take too long as it was actually happening before I got alerted to the birth to watch. Once the baby had been delivered everything was silent, the staff were so happy and it just felt like magic filled the air.

The baby was tiny and wobbly, he looked so fragile and team members later went on to call him Spring. I have no idea why it just seemed cute and fitting for the little guy! The mother looked tired and yet proud and we were all so overwhelmed! We watched him for a little while longer before giving the rest of the team some space.

It was now the end of my incredible experience at the zoo! I said goodbye one last time to the baby giraffe and headed out of the enclosure. I will never ever forget that day and wanted to share this story for this competition just to share the magic of new animal life. We should do everything in our power to protect these magestic creatures and their babies and be more selfless and kind like all the incredible staff! It was a moving day and one I definitely want to share with the world to be able to help in any way I can to promote this amazing cause! Thank you for reading my story!

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