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Abraham Chege Njenga

Abraham’s orientation to the field of conservation was through his father who is a retired safari guide and naturalist. As a ranger and ecologist in the largest Black Rhino sanctuary in East Africa, Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Abraham walks the talk when it comes to conservation of our unique wildlife heritage. His blog was nominated for various awards in 2018 including the BAKE Awards for best Environmental Blog, the Ecotourism Society of Kenya and WWF’s African Youth Awards. You can learn more about Abraham’s conservation journey in this Youtube Video.

  • Site name | I am Justice for Wildlife
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  • Instagram Abraham_254
  • Why should someone visit your site? I am Justice for Wildlife seeks to be the voice for wildlife, especially endangered species. My vision is to build a future in which people live in harmony with nature. I advocate for humane conservation in the broadest sense. I seek to inspire others to advance the cause of conservation, promote retention of the wild and indigenous nature and biological diversity.
  • Entry title | Rescuing Bahati the Elephant Calf
  • Entry Number | 1

Tolga Aktas

Tolga Aktas is a current Animal Biology student studying at the University of Gloucestershire within the UK. His biggest aspiration is to become a Canid biologist and work on ways to protect the species which are endangered. As he continues to study and work towards this, he confidently hopes that his work and photojournalism will strive to make a difference daily!

  • Site name | Ways of the Natural World
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  • Why should someone visit your site? A lot of us human beings know that we inhabit the planet with wonderful and beautiful wildlife, but many of us do not appreciate it fully. With the human population continuously growing, the demand for space and resources puts a huge burden on our planet which will evidently expect us all. My persona blog illustrates the current issues in wildlife conservation and within the environment, and as a by-product of this all I am able to share my career journey through wildlife biology as I continue to strive for my dream career as a wildlife biologist. My goal is to aspire to inspire every time I publish a post!
  • Entry title | The Painted Wolf and Me
  • Entry Number | 2

Jeremy Duggan

Joanna and I met in Scotland. The only thing is that she is from Australia and I am from New Zealand. This makes us unique already. Since hitting it off, we have shared a passion for travel and have recently been to all seven continents. We love to keep fit and take part in running races all over the world too!

Rachel Louise Gunn

I am a 24 year old marine biologist and current research student. My research focuses on individual reef fish personalities and how these personalities link to how species can persist under changing environmental conditions. I am a PADI Divemaster, and like to spend the summer months researching under water somewhere warm and sunny! In my spare time I write blogs both for my own website and for Conservation Careers, interviewing academics in the conservation field.

  • Site name | Marine conservation and conversation
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  • Twitter @RachelGunn5
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  • Why should someone visit your site? My site is relatively new, but nonetheless provides an excellent, down to earth and honest insight into the life of a marine biologist, based on my own personal experience. The site gives you an opportunity to explore my current PhD research and my academic story. The blog section of the site allows you to explore interviews I have conducted with academics in the conservation field, and discover more about marine biology through informative, easy reading blogs. You can also subscribe to receive updates every time a new blog is posted, or sign up to the newsletter, to keep up to date about the life of a marine biologist, above and below the water!
  • Entry title | JAWS: The Friendly Adaptation
  • Entry Number | 4

Njenga Hakeenah

Njenga Hakeenah has over 8 years’ experience in multimedia journalism, with specialized training in features researching and production. Prior to taking up specialized reporting on the environment, agriculture and health, Hakeenah was a radio presenter and producer at several stations in Kenya.

Kevin Lunzalu

Kevin is a passionate wildlife biologist, Environmental Impact Assessment and Audit Expert, tour operator, and Project Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist. He is the founder of Wild World Kenya, a youth-led conservation organization that aims to combat pressing biodiversity challenges through an inclusive awareness approach, capacity building, policy advocacy, and ecotourism. Kevin is the current Kenyan chapter coordinator for the Global Youth Biodiversity Network (GYBN Kenya) and Coalition WILD Program Ambassador. In 2015, he was awarded as the Male Environmentalist of the Year, Community Service Category. His project, “Environmental Education and Climate Change Initiative (EECCI)” seeks to realize a greener Kenya through advocacy campaigns and training, partnerships, and community empowerment.

Rachael Barber

Rachael has worked for over 10 years in the marine wildlife field, as a wildlife guide, report writer and marine mammal surveyor. She is a keen bird watcher and a licenced bird ringer. Wild Barley is named after her pup Barley, a red fox Labrador.

Anthony Ochieng Onyango

Anthony Ochieng Onyango is a passionate wildlife conservationist and obsessed with creating of wildlife content through photography. He holds a degree in Wildlife Management and he is the founder of TonyWild

  • Site name | TonyWild
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  • Twitter @TonyWildKe
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  • Why should someone visit your site? TonyWild is a photo-led platform for sharing stories that enables relevant knowledge sharing of everything nature and wildlife. We envision a generation that will influence sustainable natural resource management through photos and photo stories. Our mission is to promote conservation by creating awareness on wildlife conservation through photography, travel and art. All we do at TonyWild is educate, explore and travel with everyone to showcase the beauty and importance of nature and wildlife.
  • Entry title | The Ol Pejeta Experience by Anthony Ochieng Onyango
  • Entry Number | 8

Blupi Jess

I am a fable. I am an animal. I am magic. I am Blupi Jess…

Katie The Tourist

Hi, I’m Katie and I’m a fairly new travel blogger and photography enthusiast. I love sharing my travels with people out there and hope to do this full time in the near future! I really enjoy social media too and love to connect with all of my readers!

John Ouko Riaga

I am a Kenyan-trained journalist and communications specialist. I do freelance writing on various social topics with a focus on health, environment, science and agriculture. I have worked as a news reporter and as a communications officer.

  • Site name | John Riaga Science Journalism
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  • Twitter | @JohnRiaga
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  • Why should someone visit your site? I am a new blogger, just setting a blog dedicated to science, health, environment and wildlife. I am passionate about the environment and ecosystems, always talking about the co-existence of wildlife and other forms of nature.
  • Entry title | So there is such a place at Impala Park?
  • Entry Number | 11

Kaitlin Flood

Kaitlin is a Wildlife Education and Media student living in Cornwall. Her passion is for community-led conservation through education, and she has a strong background delivering environmental materials to primary school children internationally.

James Michael Common

James Common is a nature writer and conservationist with a Masters degree in Wildlife Management from Newcastle University. His main passion centers on observing and enjoying wildlife in the field, and sharing these experiences with others in an effort to get people ‘out and about’ in search of wildlife. The main focus of his blog, Common By Nature, is on British wildlife and related conservation issues.

  • Site name | Common By Nature
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  • Twitter @CommonByNature
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  • Why should someone visit your site? My blog is focused entirely on British nature, including observations of the natural world, environmental news and the odd scattering of opinion – often on topical conservation debates. It is a nature journal, first and foremost, with a broad focus on all areas of natural history.
  • Entry title | A Bittersweet Return
  • Entry Number | 13

Constance & Frederik

Both in love with nature (and each other), we are two (very) passionate biologists taking every opportunity to find the landscape, the bird, the mammal, the flower, the butterfly or any wonderful spectacle nature has to offer. Because we visit most of these places for our work, we often have the chance to get local insight on where to go.

David Rigden

David is a hobby wildlife blogger and photographer from the United Kingdom. Having lived and worked on four continents, David is passionate about using his global experiences to inspire people to get outdoors and be with wildlife in its natural habitat. There is nothing he enjoys more than passing his enthusiasm for nature to his young son. There is great power in inspiring children.

Eleyse Morgan

I’m a nature-lover, artist, and curious cat. I like camping over clubbing, mountains over metropolis, and animals over manimals. I currently study One Health: the intersect of human, animal, and ecological health, and believe we have a great responsibility to respect and care for our surroundings. If I could be a superhero, I would be EcoGirl, and I would transform all the world’s bad juju into wildflowers.

  • Blogger name | Eleyse Morgan
  • Site name | Scratches in the Dirt
  • Site
  • Why should someone visit your site? If you are moved, humbled, inspired, or intrigued by the power of nature, come check out the blog. We can’t capture all of mama earth’s greatness in photographs, or words, or even memories, but we sure can try!
  • Entry title | Heaven in Hells Canyon
  • Entry Number | 16


I have always had a love for travel and wildlife. My blog is my journal of my encounters and adventures.

Richard Turner

I am a senior but recent convert to the complex joys of nature photography. An English graduate, living in Wales, UK, I’ve had contrasting careers in publishing, furniture making and latterly music promotion. With a severe and deteriorating hearing loss, the sudden onset of cataracts in 2013 led, via surgery, to a dramatic improvement in my vision, and a momentous decision to abandon the world of sound and learn how to become a wildlife photographer. It was a natural progression to write about my experiences as they were happening.

  • Site name | Richard S Turner Photography
  • Site URL |
  • Why should someone visit your site? With my varied background and intense curiosity about the world, my writings are seldom dull. At you will read about my love of the natural world and the wild places, my fraught relationship with my camper van, my fascination with photo technology – with a “nerd alert” for the non-technical – the people and landscapes I encounter in my travels, and much more.
  • Entry title | The Running of the Deer by Richard Turner
  • Entry Number | 18

Alexandra Pearce

I work as a Fundraising and Conservation Coordinator at a seal sanctuary in Cornwall and my hobbies include writing, photography (although I’m terrible) and walking with my staffy, Beans.

  • Site name | Life on the Lizard
  • Site URL |
  • Why should someone visit your site? My blog and Instagram mainly focus on nature on Cornwall, taking the reader with me on adventures in the county and relating the things I experience to current environmental issues as well as historical titbits
  • Entry title | Halcyon Daze
  • Entry Number | 19


My name is Michael van Wassem, BSc. in Wildlife management. I want to connect tourists to conservation projects. I am currently targeting Holland, but my intention is to someday sell holiday packages to customers all over the world.

  • Site name | Ebenos
  • Site URL |
  • Why should someone visit your site? Ebenos is a educational and conservation based travel agency situated in The Netherlands.
  • Entry title | The Mauritian flying panda
  • Entry Number | 20

Susy Jones

I am a nature reserve warden and all-round naturalist from Surrey. I enjoy writing, rummaging around under rocks, and pan-species listing to name a few. I have a lifetime’s passion for wildlife and have been studying natural history since childhood.

Margarita Steinhardt

I am a travel writer, blogger and photographer. My background is in wildlife conservation and my passion is in finding and photographing wildlife in its natural habitat.

A few years ago, I set myself on an ambitious quest to see all 40 species of wild cats in their natural habitat. Most of my stories and images come from my encounters with cats and other wildlife that I meet along the way.

Miriam Lord

A biology undergraduate with a passion for getting myself and others connected with nature, to boost support for conservation and to make a positive difference to the wellbeing of people and the natural world. I have a special love for birds, the tropics and the mountains.

  • Site name | Encounters of a Simple Kind
  • Site
  • Why should someone visit your site? I write about my personal experience of nature and my relationship with the natural world. I aim to raise conservation issues through telling stories of my time in nature, linking them to broader contextual issues such as biodiversity decline and conservation success.
  • Entry title | Wilderness Calling
  • Entry Number | 23

Margrit Harris

I’m no wildlife expert. At 66 I simply enjoy the opportunity to give back a bit. My husband and I spend most of the year travelling Africa in our old Land Rover. We look for wildlife heroes, tell their stories, and when we can raise some funds to save another animal.

  • Site name | Nikela
  • Site URL |
  • Why should someone visit your site? Love adventure and helping? You’ll fall in love with our wildlife heroes, be amazed by the wild animals we see, and get some good laughs at our Land Rover living and mishaps.
  • Entry title | Should I or Shouldn’t I Pet that Cute Lion Cub?
  • Entry Number | 24

Carolyn Thompson

I am a doctorate student studying the world’s rarest primate, the Hainan gibbon, and the newly discovered, Skywalker Hoolock gibbon, at University College London and the Institute of Zoology. My research adopts a mixed-method approach which involves working closely with local communities in China, Vietnam and Myanmar to understand values and patterns of resource use. I have more than 12 years’ worth of field experience studying primate behaviour in the wild and love writing about my fieldwork fails in my spare time. I also collaborate with established non-governmental organisations (e.g. Jane Goodall Institute and Borneo Nature Foundation) and write children’s books with an education focus. I am a keen hiker and explorer with an ambitious bucket list, and as a result, I have visited more than 65 countries.

  • Blogger name | Carolyn Thompson
  • Site name | The Gibbon Warrior
  • Site URL |
  • Twitter@gibbonresearch
  • Instagram@gibbonresearch
  • Why should someone visit your site? Ever wondered what it’s like to hear an ape sing? Follow a dancing lemur? Or live in a remote forest? Or perhaps you’re curious as to what a field researcher does when they’re not globetrotting? Wonder no further, wander with me instead! I am a primatologist studying gibbons (the smallest, and often forgotten, apes). I blog about my exciting fieldwork tales and fails, and general life adventures to hopefully encourage a new generation of field researchers!
  • Entry TitleDo you have an inner swamp ogre? By Carolyn Thompson
  • Entry Number | 25

Rebecca Gibson

Rebecca Gibson is a wildlife writer and photographer with a particular love of birds, forests and capturing frost with a macro lens. The name of her blog, “On The Wing”, is inspired by her love of birds and the idea of constant exploration. Rebecca recently became a PADI Open Water Diver to discover new ecosystems and learn more about marine wildlife. She is keen to progress to underwater photography to fulfil her dream of capturing a whale shark on camera.

  • Site name | On The Wing
  • Site URL |
  • Twitter @RebeccaGibson28
  • Facebook
  • Instagram @rebeccaonthewing
  • Why should someone visit your site? “On The Wing” is a collection of field notes, photography and personal reflections where I share my love of wildlife and aim to inspire others. My goal is to appeal to existing wildlife enthusiasts and newcomers to nature to encourage even greater involvement in the natural world. I cover a range of topics – from the history of fly agaric fungi to observations from a chilly bird hide – and use a descriptive style to place the reader in the moment with me.
  • Entry TitleA Brief Encounter – A Lasting Memory
  • Entry Number | 26

Hiral Naik

Hiral Naik is an environmental scientist and conservationist with a passion for wildlife and nature. Combined with her zest for travel and adventure and her skills in scientific research, communication, photography and writing she hopes to create awareness and educate the world about sustainable development, conservation and wildlife. Through her travels and experiences she is inspiring others to save wildlife and ecosystems around the world.


I am a 16 year old girl who wants to help to encourage, motivate and educate the rest of my younger generation in the artistry provided by the world around them. I believe that young people like me deserve recognition in society, and should be given endless opportunities to explore the beauty of our world.

  • Site name | Freedom of Youth
  • Site URL |
  • Facebook |
  • Why should someone visit your site? “Freedom of Youth” provides an opportunity for the younger generation to gather inspiration and information on their futures, in the world that we are growing up in. It presents a platform for them to discover the depth of not only our society, but for them to view the wonders of our world, for instance the virtuosity of nature.
  • Entry Title | Beyond the Boundaries of Wildlife
  • Entry Number | 28

Leonie Hofstra

I work for an NGO called Transfrontier Africa in the Greater Kruger in South Africa. I have lived in South Africa for a few years now but I am originally from the Netherlands. For the last 4 years I have been the rhino monitor of the reserve, which is a great job, but can be heartbreaking sometimes due to the poaching crisis. But thanks to my job I have the privilege to work in one of the most beautiful natural places on the planet!

  • Site name | Transfrontier Africa
  • Site
  • Facebook
  • Why should someone visit your site? Have you always wondered what it takes to protect an elephant, rhino or manage a nature reserve? Our blog provides an insight in the work of a conservation organisation. What does it take to protect a reserve and all it’s flora and fauna? Who are the people involved? A true reflection of the hard work “behind the scenes” of conservation. The story posted for the competition is a personal expression during the struggles (and emotional struggle for those involved) of the poaching crisis in South Africa.
  • Entry Title | Reflections of the human bond with the natural world
  • Entry Number | 29

Kate MacRae

Kate is a wildlife enthusiast, with a passion for projects that connect people with the wildlife in their own patch. Her ‘WildlifeKate’ business has grown through a love of natural history and technology and she live streams her wildlife cameras across the world! Kate still teaches 2 days a week, aiming to enthuse and connect young people with wildlife. Kate’s wildlife projects have featured numerous times on TV, including programmes such as BBC Springwatch, Autumnwatch and Countryfile. Kate is also the UK Ambassador for Bushnell, showcasing how trail cameras can be used to film local wildlife.

Antonietta Luciani

I’m a passionate traveler, I let the wanderlust change my life. I stopped building power plants and started to travel, share my stories and help others tell their own stories to inspire and spread the love for travel all around!

  • Site name | Shego – Sharing experiences on the go
  • Site URL |
  • Twitter @travelshego
  • Facebook
  • Instagram | @travelshego
  • Why should someone visit your site? Shego – Sharing experiences on the go, the website to share your travel experiences and get inspired by authentic stories of passionate travellers!
  • Entry Title | Wild Love Stories
  • Entry Number | 31

Jenna L Testa

I’m Jenna, a gal from the small town of Niceville, FL with big dreams of saving species and natural spaces across the globe. My travels, studies, and experiences working with animals and rescuing wildlife shape my ambitions, with a heart for aiding in social and environmental change through community conservation initiatives around the world!

Badri Baral

  • Site name | Badri
  • Site URL |
  • Facebook
  • Why should someone visit your site? My education in Environmental Science with specialization in Biodiversity conservation and Wildlife Management at Central Department of Environmental Science, Tribhuvan University along with my practical work experiences have provided me with a solid scientific background and the ability to think analytically, problem solve, and relay scientific information and wildlife management programs to different actors: public, scientists, journalists, scientific and governmental institutions.I am profoundly interested in the world of non-invasive techniques of wildlife research and monitoring, theory of island bio geography and evolution, population ecology and in-situ conservation, effect of natural and man-caused factors on populations, managing co-existence between wildlife and humans and conservation approaches. I am always interested to learn something new about work, science, people, and new places. In this course, I have got chance to explore more than 60 districts of Nepal. I have developed strong leadership and communication skills. I believe in innovative idea, strategies and out of the box solution and bridging knowledge among scientific communities and local communities. I am a young, energetic and enthusiastic wildlife biologists working particularly focused on red panda. So, someone should visit my site to get benefitted from real ground wildlife conservation scenario from the land of top of the world, Nepal.
  • Entry TitleNot all those who wander are lost
  • Entry Number | 33

Steve Midgley

Hernani Fernandes Magalhaes de Oliveira

Hernani is a conservation biologist with a passion for wildlife, science, photography, and connecting with people. His research and fieldwork have led him to explore different places in the world, such as: Brazil, Costa Rica, and Cameroon. He uses social media through his photographs, videos, and texts to help inform people around the world and bring attention to the ecology of many different species and ecosystems, and the importance of conservation. He is currently a postdoctoral researcher at Charles University (Prague – Czech Republic) studying latitudinal and altitudinal changes in the patterns of species interactions between pollinators and the flowers they visit in Europe and Africa.

Kathleen Retourne


Narena Olliver


Hannah Giles

  • Site name | Small Green Things
  • Site URL |
  • Why should someone visit your site? Small Green Things aims to document, and celebrate, the small actions, swaps and changes in habit that we all do to try and make the world a greener place. Inspired by my travels, and the beautiful wildlife and landscapes I saw, there seems like no better goal than to preserve our planet.
  • Entry TitleA Bittersweet Fly-By – A Royal Albatross Experience
  • Entry Number | 38

Wandera Alex

I am Wandera Alex, born in 1993, in Masindi District, Kampala, Uganda. I hold a Diploma in Agroforestry and a Certificate in Forest Machine Operation and Management and currently am pursuing a BSc in Horticulture at Makerere University, Uganda. I am 80% fluent English speaking, 90% Lunyoro speaking and writing. My driving factor to my life success is Loving nature, and I take the Environment to be my first priority: “My Environment is My Responsibility, Student for Nature”.

  • Blogger name | Wandera Alex
  • Site name | Alexander Agricultural and Environmental Advocacy
  • Site URL
  • Twitter @WanderaAlex5
  • Facebook Wandera Alexander
  • Instagram | Wandera Alexander
  • Why should someone visit your site? The world population is increasing at an alarming rate and this implies that the increased population adds to food production requirements for all people to be fed. Through my Advocacy you can learn a lot about Agriculture and how to produce food using limited resources. High population in an area means a lot of environment degradation through land pollution, water and ecosystem destruction, so through my Advocacy you can learn how to protect the natural ecosystem, sustainable use of resources and make the world more green for the future generations.
  • Entry TitleFrom swamp to agricultural land to fish ground to water supply
  • Entry Number | 39

Scott Dicken

My name is Scott, and I have a passion for travelling, visiting new destinations, and experiencing new cultures. Over the course of my 30-odd years, I’ve managed to visit over 100 countries and territories and, thanks to the regular international travel I undertake for my work, and holidays with my wife, family, and friends, that number grows each year.

Having grown up in London I’m now based in the US and my job takes me around the World. In any month, I could travel to any combination of countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, the Pacific, Europe and Latin America. My holidays are similar – my wife and I like to vary continents each year and to push our holiday allowance to the limit. This has taught me it’s possible to travel the world and visit new places with just a limited holiday allowance and a whole lot of desire!

Scott Dicken

  • Site name | Take Photos Leave Footprints
  • Site
  • Twitter @leave_footprint
  • Facebook
  • Instagram | @take_photos_leave_footprints
  • Why should someone visit your site? Like most people who work a full-time job, my holiday allowance is limited, and I guard it like my life depends on it (which to a certain extent it does – or at least my sanity does). With that mindset, I set up ‘Take Photos, Leave Footprints’ as a resource for any like-minded traveler who is short of research time but full of desire to travel and experience what the world has to offer. I hope that the site takes away the research burden on the average traveler, leaving them with more time to find inspiration and enjoy the travel itself. To achieve that goal I provide:Destination Reviews that highlight key safari destinations, cities, and my must-see/must-do activities and tips.
    Inspiration pages that focus on certain genres of travel including wildlife, overland journeys, multi-country and multi-center holidays, weekend European getaways and hiking trips.
    Practical travel tips that focus on a wide range of travel topics including airports, airlines, best-of guides, food and drink, and travel & photography equipment.
  • Entry TitleInto The Mist: Gorilla Tracking in Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park
  • Entry Number | 40

Josh Robertson

Victoria Wangui Wanjohi

I am a wildlife conservationist, birder, writer and digital marketer who loves natural landscapes, sunsets, growing trees, reducing, reusing and recycling. Passion for wildlife drives me. I believe informing and educating communities living with wildlife and the youth regarding environmental matters is ideal for conservation. My goal in writing stems from an interest to share knowledge and spread awareness on matters environmental conservation. Everyone should be well informed and educated about our natural world.

Rukundo Joshua

  • I am Rukundo Joshua Rukundo the Director of Kigezi Coffee Development Academy, a social enterprise. A youth leader with interests in trade, agriculture and tourism.
  • Site name | Kigezi Coffee Development Academy (KCDA)
  • Site URL |
  • Twitter | @JoshuaRuku
  • Facebook Rukundo Joshua Blessed
  • Why should someone visit your site? To see what I am doing in my local community and more communities near Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Queen Elizabeth National Park, famous for Mountain Gorrillas and Climbing Lions, Elephants and Buffaloes.
  • Entry nameThe wild animal, unappreciated contribution
  • Entry Number | 43

Kate Paton

My name’s Kate Paton – I’m a New Zealand citizen, born and grew up in Zimbabwe, now living in beautiful Vancouver BC, Canada.

Walking in nature and wildlife watching here in urban Vancouver has become a daily part of my life (weather permitting) since arriving here five years ago and struggling to find work – it’s an instant cure for depression and is so good for one’s soul and body! Fresh air and exercise and watching the wonders of wildlife always restores my soul! Vancouver has many regional parks and nature park and reserves – with abundant wildlife! It’s a great free way to enjoy one’s day. I also try to always be an ethical birder and wildlife photographer – respecting wildlife’s right to space and privacy!

Winnie Cheche

I am a passionate conservationist doing her best to ensure that people understand and appreciate our environment. Having failed to get a job in my field of wildlife, I decided to start a blog and make my dream come true. My dream is to reconnect people and nature, especially wildlife.

Jess Wise

I’m a Conservation Biologist, Welfarist and Behaviourist. I’ve lived and worked in the UK and abroad and absolutely love sharing the tips and tricks I’ve come across that allow people to prioritise the environment in their everyday decisions, whether its at home or whilst travelling. I’m probably happiest in some remote jungle in search of elusive wildlife, but if not there I love engaging and sharing that passion with as many people as possible.

  • Site name | ConservationWise
  • Site
  • Twitter | @be_conswise
  • Facebook | ConservationWise
  • Instagram | ConservationWise
  • Why should someone visit your site? ConservationWise is a community that enables everyone to live more sustainably and shows that living ethically and responsibly doesn’t require compromise or sacrifice. We provide realistic and actionable advice to everyone whether you are looking to save the world from the comfort of your own home, desperate to explore more or trying to make conservation your career.
  • Entry TitleHanging with the Herd; one dream day but what’s the lasting legacy?
  • Entry Number | 46

Suchismita Koulaskar

As a traveller, explorer, and a passionate photographer, nature has always attracted me. People around me get amused by how I can love snakes, amphibians and lizards (which they find creepy). I don’t find anything creepy or scary within nature’s creation. I strongly believe that you can have everything that you really want. At present, confused between corporate excellence and love for nature, I look forward to exploring the high altitude of the mountains, the beautiful world concealed within the ocean and the deeper aspects of rainforest. Follow my journey on my Instagram profile – – to view my latest photographs

Jessica Groenendijk

I am a Dutch biologist, conservationist, and writer with a longing to help people (re)discover nature. My pieces have been published in BBC Wildlife Magazine, Africa Geographic, Earth Island Journal, The Island Review, and Zoomorphic, amongst others. My current work-in-progress is a book about giant otters, to be published in February 2019. My blog was Highly Commended in the International Category of the 2015 BBC Wildlife Blogger Awards and I am a Fellow of the International League of Conservation Writers. Last, and most importantly, I’m a wife and mother of two (seven, if you count the other animals).

Meike Becker

My name is Meike, my age 25. I was born in Germany but I found home in many places on this planet. Through my travels I decided to study about nature and how we can protect our basis of life. So far I just learned how people can destroy the nature, maybe I still have to study a little more for the solution.

  • Site name | Meikeunterwegs
  • Site
  • Instagram | @meikeunterwegs
  • Why should someone visit your site? On my site I am telling stories not only reports. When I am travelling I find places that will touch my heart in many different ways. Sometimes these feelings get so strong that I have to tell the world about it and share.
  • Entry TitleCommunication | by Meike Becker

Jeni Bell

I love UK wildlife, and am a firm believer that there is wildness everywhere around us, we just need to know how to look for it. To me it’s important to seek out new experiences and explore the places around us. I have always been interested in nature and the outdoors and feel most at home in the scrub with a pair of binos or camera in hand.

  • Site name | Seeking Wild Sights
  • Site URL
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Why should someone visit your site? The U.K has an abundance of wildlife and wild places, often is places that you don’t always expect. Myself, my other half and our slightly neurotic dog packed in our day jobs and our home to live in a van full time and go in search of all things wild here in the U.K. We’ve been lucky enough to have some fantastic wildlife encounters, such as seeing a mink and a minke whale at the same time! Our site is the place to head to if you’re interested in seeking out all things wild in the U.K. It’s closer than you think!
  • Entry TitleIn Fallow’s Footsteps
  • Entry Number | 50

Lin Barrie

Expressing my hopes, fears and love for special ecosystems with my paintbrush and my pen, I believe that the essence of a landscape, person or animal can only truly be captured by direct observation. I immerse myself in my subjects, whether sketching rhinos drinking at a waterhole, watching African wild dogs and their pups, painting cultural dancers or sketching dhows on the Mozambique coast. The wheeling constellations and  moon phases of  the night skies, the oceans and mangroves of coastal regions, the droughts, veld fires and regenerating rains of Africa – all are inspiration to me in my writing and in creating my artworks on canvas and hand made paper.

Piritta Paija

I’m a travel blogger and a professional photographer with a huge passion for wildlife conservation. I want to present fresh angles in my stories, written and visual. I also want to encourage people to travel extensively, more courageously, and sustainably. And through my work, I want to inspire people to help save the precious wildlife of our planet.

Sheena James

I am someone a bit enigmatic, someone who would prefer reality over prejudice. Someone who loves life, and what it has to offer. Someone who is also pretty adventurous. Although a Scientist, someone who would prefer from the perspective of religion such as the presence of God in nature and reverance.

Kate Stephenson

I’m a conservationist, wildlife blogger and campaigner for animal rights. In my day job I’m Education Editor at National Geographic Kids, as I believe passionately in the education and empowerment of our future generations. In 2017 I became the youngest Trustee of Born Free Foundation and I’m an ambassador for the charity IAPWA (International Aid for the Protection & Welfare of Animals).

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  • Why should someone visit your site? Kate on Conservation is a wildlife blog that gives a voice to the voiceless by highlighting important issues, individuals and organisations in the fight to protect our planet’s wild and domestic animal species. Featuring unique interviews with some of the world’s leading wildlife conservationists and ecologists, top wildlife bloggers, and well-known natural history presenters; it offers research, discussion and informed opinion on some of the top global issues effecting animals and wildlife conservation in the world today — as well as spotlighting campaigns and cruelty issues that so often fly under the radar.
  • Entry TitleThe ‘tough as old boots’ conservationist
  • Entry Number | 54

Alex Brickle

My name is alex, i am 12 years old and have loved nature ever since my dad dragged me up and down hills to go birdwatching but now it’s me who drags him along to spot the next animal. I enjoy writing too, and am also interested in aeroplanes and cycling. My favourite animals to see by far are cats but I also quite like wild boar because they live in a forest by my house but it’s still a challenge to spot one.

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  • Why should someone visit your site? I think people should visit my website because it gives them tips on what animals to see and where to find them. They can also learn a lot about the village and towns these animals live alongside, as well as the funny moments i’ve had while spotting them.
  • Entry TitleThe one that got away
  • Entry Number | 55

Anthonette Quayee

I am Anthonette Quayee, twenty two years of age. A Christian by religion and Episcopalian by denomination. I was born and raised in Montserrado County, Liberia. I am a BSC candidate (2019) of Environmental Science from the Stella Maris Polytechnic. I like reading, writing, doing videos and exploring nature. I am an environmental Activist. My blog site is very new, but I utilize it by promoting women rights, environmental rights and social rights. I am a media blogger and a vlogger.

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  • Why should someone visit your site? This blog site emphasize on environmental problems faced in Least Developed Countries, like Liberia. This site should be visited because it focuses on the fate of natural resources and provides information on the everyday problems these resources faced. Alongside all these environmental issues, the site takes its focus to man’s fondness with natural resources including humans.
  • Entry TitleThe Wildlife Tragedy of Swen Town
  • Entry Number | 56

Tracy Brighten

I am a freelance writer and editor focusing on nature, health and sustainable living. I’m passionate about communicating scientific research and nature stories and have a fascination for birds in particular. I’ve always enjoyed spending time outdoors but my experience of living in New Zealand for twelve years inspired me to write about wildlife conservation and how culture, vested interests and modern lifestyles impact wildlife. I’m as excited by blackbirds in my garden, barn owls in the countryside and terns at my local beach in Norfolk as I am about wildlife in more remote places.

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  • Why should someone visit your site? At Nature in Mind you’ll find articles I’ve written on wildlife conservation, sustainable living and animal welfare as well as first-person stories of my own experiences. I care deeply about people, animals and the beautiful and amazing world we live in. Regardless of our culture or where we live, we’re all connected in our responsibility to humanity and nature. I’d like to help spread the word about why nature matters.
  • Entry TitleThe Jewel in the Crown: New Zealand’s Yellow-Eyed Penguin
  • Entry Number | 57

Bryony Slaymaker

I’m a wildlife conservationist from the UK where I’ve spent most of my career working as a ranger, but I’m currently working on projects worldwide (New Zealand at the moment) alongside my husband, who is an Ornithologist. We love writing about the amazing animals we encounter and we’re very lucky that our work takes us to some wild and remote locations.

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  • Why should someone visit your site? Where in the Wild is all about adventures that are kinder to people and planet. We love to share our amazing animal encounters, impassioned stories of conservation and photographs of stunning wild places. Matthew is an Ornithologist. In his spare time, he is a birder and when not doing these things he is likely thinking about birds and the study and/or conservation there-of. Bryony likes birds too, but not quite as much as Matthew. Having spent the last few years working in the British conservation sector she had lots of opportunities to enjoy some incredible wildlife and fantastic habitats around the UK. Between us we’ve visited over 50 countries and worked or volunteered for over 20 nature conservation organisations (so far!). We’re not experts but we are passionate about what we do and we’re learning every day.
  • Entry TitleThe Unexpected Ular
  • Entry Number | 58


I am OYEBAMIJI, Ayoku Uthman an undergraduate student of the department of Wildlife and Ecotourism Management, University of Ibadan and a member of Ibadan Bird Club. A nature lover, young ornithologist, green tourism and conservation journalist that preach conservation to instill in environmental consciousness in young and old, my love for wildlife made me snub medical course for wildlife management. I love travelling and participating in Nature based recreational activities. I am a volunteer at zoological garden, Ibadan and forest center at IITA (International Institute for Tropical Agriculture) headquarters, Ibadan.

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  • Why should someone visit your site? Aykwildlifes blog is newly created edutainment platform based on wildlife, renewable National resources and Eco-Tourism. Nature based recreational activities is the priorities. Biodiversity and conservation education, threatened species and travel stories are prepared by young wildlife and conservation journalists.
  • Entry TitleFirst time in the wilderness: thought and reality
  • Entry Number | 59

Aymen El Gharadi

I am an university student who likes to solve dilemmas in a strange way. I find that the world is oddly connected, and that any idea can serve everyone.

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  • Why should someone visit your site? I think that my site contains stories of a strange nature and philosophical, and connects simple events with beautiful interpretations, you should visit my site, I think, in order to observe those interpretations
  • Entry TitleThe original point
  • Entry Number | 60

Elisha Petrie

I’m Elisha, 26 year old, full-time chaser from Brisbane Australia. The ocean, like many people, has always been close to my heart, whether it be for the animals, the waves, the beach and the emotion of it. When you’re feeling low – hit the water; happy – hit the water; inspired – hit the water… not inspired – hit the water. All these things, and more, are why I am dedicating my time to protecting it!

Dr Nataly Hidalgo Aranzamendi

I am wildlife biologist from Peru. My journey has taken me to three continents studying several birds. I love doing science, but I am also passionate about communicating wildlife research to the general public. Being a blogger gives me the opportunity to establish a link between scientists and society, which I believe is very important, in times when natural environments are threatened by our activities. I am lucky to have seen many ‘rare’ animals in their habitats and to be able to share my personal stories about wildlife encounters.

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  • Why should someone visit your site? I am a freelance contributor for Penguins International. In my blogs you will find the latest scientific findings about penguin research in an ‘easy-to-grasp’ format and also personal stories about encounters with wild animals.
  • Entry TitleVanishing peccaries
  • Entry Number | 62

Mark Thomas

My name is Mark Thomas, an ex-banker of 8 years, I have just finished three years working in the Amazon, and now I am an MSc student studying Conservation Biology. Life has some amazing unplanned journeys.



Hannah Rudd

Hannah is currently an MSc Marine Environmental Management postgraduate at the University of York and has a focal interest in elasmobranchs, their management and humanity’s interactions with their populations. Recently, Hannah graduated from Lancaster University with an undergraduate degree in Natural Sciences. During her time at Lancaster, Hannah began her writing endeavors and has been a freelance writer for the past two years. In the future, Hannah hopes to have a career within both scientific communications and scientific research, spreading awareness of marine conservation issues and inspiring the next generation of conservationists.

Nyawira Gitaka Esther

Nyawira Gitaka is a passionate conservation and environment enthusiast who teaches, learns and educates on nature through the art of storytelling. She is a total animal lover and will never pass up an adventure in the wild. Through storytelling and sharing her experiences she hopes to inspire and encourage more people to take part in conservation in their own way.

Molly Crookshank

I am an Animal Biologist living in Edinburgh with a strong passion for wildlife and conservation, especially in human-wildlife conflict. I have spent my last two summers with Operation Wallacea assisting scientific research in Mexico and Guyana. Doing this has increased my drive and dedication and has led me to study a masters in Wildlife Biology and Conservation at Edinburgh Napier University which I will finish in August 2019.

Jordan Flagel


Berglind Karlsdottir

Berglind first fell in love with the wonderful world of amphibians as a volunteer in the Ecuadorean rainforests eight years ago. Since then, she has travelled the world and achieved two degrees in conservation. Now, she has returned to Ecuador with a desire to share her wonder for these beautiful, yet unknown little frogs, with the rest of the world.

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  • Why should someone visit your site? Follow us on a challenging journey through the Ecuadorean highlands. From our arrival at Guayaquil to our last sunset at Yacuri National Park, you will be included in our biggest failures and our absolute highlights. Most importantly though, we are here to discover whether the Podocarpus harlequin frog has survived the challenges of the modern world, or slipped quietly out of extinction.
  • Entry TitleHave we lost the Podocarpus harlequin frog for good?
  • Entry Number | 68

Tyla Autumn Barnfield

Born in an urban town in North London, as a young child I first expressed my passion for wildlife by running around my back garden, taking photos of birds and squirrels. In adulthood, I have followed a deep inner yearning to immerse myself deep in nature, I have spent most of it volunteering and and working alongside an array of wild animals, primarily in the planes of Africa, doing all I can to make a difference to preserve and protect their evolution and conservation. All the while, I have continued to capture the magnificent beauty of the wild species that roam our planet, in order to share that beauty with the world. Whilst I have primarily done this through my camera lens, I often share the story behind the image, which has lead me to discover a talent and great passion for writing.

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  • Why should someone visit your site? Feel connected to nature through inspiring photos of wildlife, which capture the heart and intrigue the soul. When we are connected to nature, we are connected to our true selves.
  • Entry TitleA close encounter
  • Entry Number | 69

Robert Wreglesworth

After completing a degree in environmental science, I have been an ecologist for 7 years. I currently work with farmers and other landowners to help them restore land for long term conservation in the UK. During these years I have grown frustrated by an increasing number of people complaining about environmental issues but taking no or very little action. I’m now a firm believer that to tackle these environmental problems we must act in a more disruptive way, whether that be through new technologies, new ways of thinking and most importantly with open minds…..and hence why I started my blog and podcast.

  • Site name | The Disruptive Environmentalist
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  • Why should someone visit your site? The Disruptive Environmentalist is a blog and podcast which aims to seek out examples of new solutions to old environmental problems. This could be through new innovations, new techniques or simply through different perspectives. In a time where we need to act quickly the website aims is to inspire direct action in readers through real life stories, but also to challenge how we look at these challenging issues.
  • Entry Title | Liverpool’s Hidden Nightlife
  • Entry Number | 70

Bente & Uffe

Albicilla Explorer is Bente and Uffe both keen birders from Denmark. When traveling you won’t meet them on the beach (unless there are some shorebirds present) or at the hostel party. Well maybe you could meet them in the bar with a local beer celebrating a new bird species added to the bird list. To meet them you probably have to get up early and be sure to wear your rubber boots. When not searching for the early birds you will find them going through the photo stream of the day, checking fieldguides. Or they are out looking for people and organizations who are working to create a sustainable interaction between nature, animals and people with the aim to secure biodiversity and the access to great nature experiences.

Blair Charles Jones

Ever since my parents bought me a bird book and a pair of binoculars as a child, it kindled a lifelong love of birds and wildlife. My love for wildlife led me to studying Biology at University. Then my life changed direction, a career in Law Enforcement and family took me in a different direction for a while . About ten years ago I purchased my first DSLR camera and I found I could not just watch wildlife but I could share my experiences with others. Writing blog posts puts my pictures in a greater context and I hope my stories inspire in others a similar passion for watching wildlife.

  • Site name | The Wildlife Oculus
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  • Why should someone visit your site? The Wildlife Oculus is written to demonstrate my passion and love for watching local wildlife and to capture photographically nature at its best.
  • Entry TitleHelios and Selene Delight
  • Entry Number | 72

Debbie Groom

New to wildlife volunteering at the tender age of 50, traveling alone I have just completed my second project & looking forward to many more, with many species, all around the world. I have also decided to take on the massive task of putting together a day of conservation ~ #teamearth ~ a day of raising awareness for animals both here in the UK & around the world

Eric Olonana Sindiyo

The wildlife and I met in my childhood many years ago. It was no little privilege living where the animals were never far. It is now 13 years since started working as a safari driver guide.

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  • Why should someone visit your site? I have come to know the inside out upside down of the bush. Out there, there is no normal day of work. Each safari is a new journey with different discoveries and at times even a new adventure.
  • Entry TitleThe Masai Mara – It was a photography Safari
  • Entry Number | 74

Thilo Beck

I was born in Germany but moved to South Africa this year. Now I am studying the impact of human driven climate change on Cape Cobras and Boomslang in the Kalahari. A deep understanding of the behavioral ecology of the given species will be crucial to not only avoid human-snake conflicts in the future but also be able to protect on of our most precious resources – wildlife.

  • Site name | Starry sky above us
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  • Why should someone visit your site? As wildlife enthusiasts I enjoy sharing our most interesting stories with the world we live in. While I go forth and back between Europe and Africa my goal isn’t only to educate the public about the importance of our surrounding ecosystems but as well to share the beauty of nature!
  • Entry TitleTracking snakes in the Kalahari
  • Entry Number | 75

Asiem Sanyal

Indian marine biologist. Itinerant. Intermittent writer. Islander-at-heart. Incurable bibliophile.

  • Site name | Coming soon!
  • Why should someone visit your site? My site hopes to showcase my personal experiences with wildlife around the world (as a marine biologist), whilst simultaneously highlighting conservation concerns to people who might not engage with these ideas and discussions on a regular basis.
  • Entry TitleMulling Over Culling
  • Entry Number | 76

Gianluca Cerullo

I’m a 23 year old conservationist who has spent the last two summers pooing in a Tupperware in Borneo’s jungles to catch dung beetles. I’ve researched ways of restoring logged forest and recently helped machete a 25 km network of rainforest trails to explore how cutting vines could speed up the regeneration of degraded forests. I like writing about fieldwork, reading good environmental journalism and speaking about cool animals. Oh, and pizza. I also like pizza.

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  • Instagram | g.cerullz
  • Why should someone visit your site? (For the sheer hell of it / so that someone other than my poor mum reads my blog). Or, otherwise, for stories and videos about scientific fieldwork in Borneo and soon Madagascar and Colombia, and to listen to my occasional podcast about conservation. Also, I’m currently working on a blog series about how to get involved and make a difference in protecting wildlife and wild places. Because extinctions suck and we can stop them.
  • Entry TitleThe rare jungle cat that thrives in degraded rainforests
  • Entry Number | 77


A sustainable rangeland management enthusiast pursuing MSc Range Management at the University of Nairobi. I am also the co-founder of Bustani Safari Company in Kenya that seeks to promote local tourism among the young citizenry and educate our clients on conservation matters. I have always had a knack for writing on topics that fascinate me and wildlife conservation is top among them.

  • Site name | envirosolutionsblog
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  • Instagram | @wacera_kimani
  • Why should someone visit your site? My pride consists in the fact that through my tiny way, I can inspire change. However, I will be immensely pleased if this change will have a ripple effect even on generations to come. My tiny passion for our drylands in Kenya, and Africa, for that matter, may fuel the much concern and attention needed to confront head-on the treacherous monster that is desertification. My heart has carved out a remarkable desire, not so long ago, to educate my audience on the urgency of wildlife conservation. The heritage we are bound to waste away in our oblivion and indifference much to the detriment of posterity.
  • Entry Title | The Incarnation of the New Form of Poaching
  • Entry Number | 78

Glenio Araujo

I have been travelling full time and working at sea for the past thirteen years now. I started this life style working on Luxury Cruise Ships, and living totally nomadically for eight years as a freelance super yacht Chef, that helped me to stay on the move going to the most amazing places around the globe.

Between a job and another, I was travelling again, to see my friends and make new ones, to learn a bit about local cultures, language and study worldwide cuisine, some other of my treasures.

After many years finding excuses to share my stories, I decided to take a work break, move to Malaysia and learn new skills to be more independent and split my career with my big passion, travelling.

  • Site name | glenioaraujo
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  • Instagram | @glenio.araujo
  • Why should someone visit your site? After traveling full time for so many years I decided to give a big turn to my life and look for my biggest dreams. My purpose is to share my journey and my stories, sailing and traveling on what I call: a treasure hunt around the world, inspiring people to leave their comfort zones following their hearts and find their truth, with a focus on the nature and cultures.
  • Entry Title | Lessons learnt with the Orangutans in Borneo
  • Entry Number | 79

Sam Puls

Sam Puls – Belgian, biologist. Sam likes to spend his free time and holidays in nature. He studied biology and participated in volunteer projects across the globe. Some of his main interests: big cats, (carnivores), the interaction between wildlife and humans, and how ecotourism can contribute to conservation.

Alex Chalkley

A British conservationist, researcher and guide, I have been working on-off in Africa for close to 4 years, conducting conservation research on elephants, lions, cheetah and rhino. Working with international volunteers, I particularly enjoy helping educate and inspire the next generation of naturalists, and seeing them moving into conservation careers of their own is the highlight of my job.

  • Site name | ThatBritInTheBush
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  • Why should someone visit your site? Photos and stories of my adventures in Africa, not just focusing on the large charismatic megafauna that Africa is iconic for, but also focusing on the smaller stories of the lesser known but essential characters of this incredible landscape.
  • Entry TitleThe day the elephants came to tea
  • Entry Number | 81

Azman Salleh

Hi, I am an overworked freelancer in the language field. I translate and write websites and documents, spending too many hours in front of my laptop. I try to sneak out into the jungles once a week, to look at the leaves, trees and wildlife to sooth my tired eyes. The truth is I still need to process the pictures on my laptop, so I keep running in circles. Oh well…

Aurelie Hector

I am a passionate of nature working for the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation in the hope of protecting our endemic flora and fauna. I worked on a variety of conservation projects and is the Senior Warden on Round Island where I monitors populations of native birds and reptiles and helps to train new conservationists.

  • Site name | EDGE of Existence
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  • Why should someone visit your site? The site shows different work on various unique and globally endangered species all around the world through the help of the Evolutionarily Distinct and Globally Endangered (EDGE) of Existence programme. You will learn what are EDGE species, how they are important to the ecosystem and what are the actions undertaken to protect them. You will also be able to meet some of the EDGE fellows and read about there work as well.
  • Entry TitleOnce open Round Island
  • Entry Number | 83

Diana Banik

A reluctant city dweller, I find happiness in the midst of nature. Perpetually bitten by the travel bug, I thrive on exploring every facet of nature and wildlife and developing new love stories in and with the wild. A strong advocate of, “In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.” (John Muir), I have done many treks, nature walks, and marathons, and I also enjoy capturing them in their native spirit with my lens. Based on my experiences in the concrete jungle and the actual jungle, I have taken upon myself to make the world a better place by retaining what’s left of it.

  • Site name | And Life Happened
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  • Why should someone visit your site? The motivation of my life lies in exploring what is unknown to me—high mountains, rivers and lakes and their myriad shades of blue, forests and grasslands, and countless creatures. I find purpose in sharing my learning and experiences. I believe that there is no dearth in the availability of information, but heartfelt experiences when shared can have a more long-lasting impact. I wish to do that. Through my writing, I want to share my love for the unknown and unveil knowledge of the natural wealth that encompasses us and yet we are unaware of.
  • Entry TitleWhen in a (rain)forest…
  • Entry Number | 84

Aimee Renwick

I grew in North Yorkshire, very close to the North Yorks moors and have always enjoyed getting out of the house and involved with nature. I’m a keen nature photographer and what started as a way to showcase my photos soon expanded into writing about the experiences that went along with them. I enjoy writing about my life and wildlife experiences in the city, most often as a volunteer with the Wildlife Trust, as I want to show people that living in the heart of a big city doesn’t mean giving up your connection to nature.

  • Site name | Aimee Farndale
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  • Twitter | @AimeeLian
  • Instagram | @aimeelian_wildlife
  • Why should someone visit your site? Stories and guides on urban wildlife, current conservation and animal welfare. Tips and reviews on getting involved with, and learning about, your local wildlife.
  • Entry TitleUrban Wildlife: A City After Dark
  • Entry Number | 85

Ben Chapple

I’m a naturalist who’s been lucky enough to travel to some of the most spectacular wild places on Earth, although I have a particular love of Africa. I have a degree in Zoology, and recently finished a Masters, during which I researched hunting behaviour in African wild dogs. I have a real passion for science and nature communication, and currently work in ecotourism, through which I hope to increase awareness of our amazing and threatened natural world.

  • Site name | benaturalist
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  • Instagram | @bcbchapple
  • Why should someone visit your site? My site draws on some of my amazing experiences with wildlife and wild places to tell stories about science and conservation. I write about things from across the natural world that fascinate, concern and captivate me!
  • Entry TitleThe People and the Pangolin
  • Entry Number | 86

Rose Boardman

My name is Rose Boardman. I’m an Ocean Scientist and avid shark lover. My fascination with the ocean definitely started at a young age. Growing up just a stone’s throw away from the Jurassic coastline in Dorset. I have spent many days exploring the underwater world. My interests lie in fisheries ecology and species behaviour particularly life history traits and distribution patterns.

  • Site name | Oceandreaming94
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  • Twitter | @Roseboardman4
  • Facebook | @oceandreaming94
  • Instagram | @oceandreaming94
  • Why should someone visit your site? Oceandreaming was created a platform for sharing my thoughts, experiences, and passion for our oceans. From my top eco-friendly tips to facts about animals that glow in the darkness of the deep. I hope that my blog makes you love the ocean as much as I do.
  • Entry TitleBreathe, squeal, repeat
  • Entry Number | 87

Emily Cooper

I’m 22 years old, and I have just finished my Master’s in Environmental Bioscience. I’m from a little village just outside of Oxford, which is where I developed my love of the natural world. I created my blog for two main reasons: firstly, to record my ramblings about wildlife and the environment, and secondly, to save my friends from listening to said ramblings. I hope you enjoy it!


I’m a passionate wildlife traveller who has a dream to dedicate my knowledge and talents to animal protection and conservation. At the moment, I develop my blog on Instagram and my YouTube channel.

  • Site name | Miragram
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  • YouTube
  • Why should someone visit your site? While preparing this article I found out that Botswana’s government is going to reconsider the ban on hunting. I see a lot of professional biologists here, so my hopes on the winning are not up. But may I have this opportunity to respectfully ask the future winner to do something to attract the attention of wildlife enthusiasts and conservation organisations to that fact. Botswana is a treasure of wildlife, and it must be saved for good of all our Planet! And I strongly believe that the bloggers can make difference and to contribute their efforts to remain Botswana the safe place for animals. Thank you and sorry for off topic.
  • Entry TitleA touch of miracle
  • Entry Number | 89

Patrick Lally

For me, there is no better experience than sharing a connection between another species. I consider myself an ever evolving naturalist and conservationist, fascinated with what we can learn from the natural world.

  • Site name | Coming soon
  • Site URL | Coming soon
  • Facebook
  • Instagram | @patricklally7
  • Why should someone visit your site? Using pictures taken from my travels, my site aims to discuss and promote key issues surrounding the natural world and conservation. With a personal touch of my own encounters, stories and inspirations the site will hopefully encourage others to get involved with conservation around the world and even the ways in which they can help from home. Ultimately it is a space for nature. Coming Soon!
  • Entry TitleThe Omen of Ostional
  • Entry Number | 90

Jess Murray

I am a wildlife conservationist spreading awareness about nature and the animal kingdom through education and storytelling. I have lived in Africa for two years, qualifying as a field guide and working with anti-poaching units. I now work for WWF, leading on digital communications for the illegal wildlife trade, as well as oceans and plastic. I love to help people fall in love with nature through my photography and writing, as well as helping people to understand the true importance of protecting our planet.