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Creating unforgettable tours in India’s diverse wildlife and birding sanctuaries each offering distinct wildlife and birding experiences. Well-researched Indian Birding stake-outs and Hassle Free, Guided Birding across the Indian Subcontinent. Explore the varied habitats of India’s Birds Sanctuaries, Tiger Reserves & the Himalayas with Asian Adventures’ Tried and tested tours over 25 years.

Top Five Birds

  1. Indian Skimmer
  2. Cheer Pheasant
  3. Tawny Fish Owl
  4. Great Hornbill
  5. Sarus Crane


At Terra Incognita we support tours that do good in the world. They must help to conserve the environment, support local people, and educate their guests. Here’s what Iqbal Ahmad from Asian Adventures said to us…

What conservation activities do you support through the tour, and your wider operations?

A percentage goes into a conservation fund for every invoice raised in the company. Currently 1% of every invoice goes into conservation fund to establish corpus fund for funding the platform where doers and donors meet. But before the money reaches the does the best management practice will be put into place for them to scale up the business.

Right now the company supports Zero Waste Pangot initiative with Chintan, funding for small things such as WASA, many small trainings for nature guides, SOP building for best practices. In the past many many small projects have been funded through WTI, Bagh Foundation etc.

The vision is to be the largest ‘conservation aiding’ tourism company by 2025 to set example of responsible tourism.

How does the tour support local people?

The money is used for bringing donors and NGOs together. The focus is to provide management tools for capacity building and managing conservation work better to the people at grassroots level. This is the power for local people that ensures sustainability.

What type of environmental education activities do you incorporate into your tour?

Besides being and using Eco-friendly places, our guests are oriented about the strengths, challenges, success stories, failures and the work that is progress related to conservation at each destination.


“My most memorable moment was a tiger attacking the vehicle in Bandavghar national park. This tour operator stands out because it has a big heart for nature and a big heart for its clients. If you’re considering this tour, go. Go to India. Go with Asian Adventures.” Marc Guyt – India December 2016 (latest of several trips).

• Experience of the tour = 5/5
• Tour’s contribution to conservation = 5/5
• Tour’s contribution to local communities = 5/5
• The education the tour = 5/5



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