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We are Ghana`s Birds and Wildlife specialist with dedication and determination. We offer Group Birdwatching tours, Private Birdwatching tours, Culture and History tours, Nature and Photography tours, Bespoke tours, Holiday tours and other Adventures in Ghana. we are internal birding company based in Ghana`s Capital City Accra. Our tour guides are best placed to provide you with quality African Adventure. Places we visit are in our homeland, A country of rich history with impressive wildlife. Whether you choose our Birdwatching tour, Photography, Holiday tour, Adventure tour, Culture and History tour, Bespoke tour or chose a sample of each we give our word to work hard to ensure that your holiday with us will be one of the holidays in a lifetime. We are looking forward to share our beautiful land and wildlife with you.

Top Five Birds

  1. Yellow-headed Picathartes (Rockfowl)
  2. Nkulengu Rail
  3. Egyptian Plover
  4. Fraser`s Eagle Owl
  5. White breasted Guineafowl.


At Terra Incognita we support tours that do good in the world. They must help to conserve the environment, support local people, and educate their guests. Here’s what Kwame Brown from Birding Tours said to us…

What conservation activities do you support through the tour, and your wider operations?

We support the conservation of “Picathartes” which is number 1 Bird for Ghana, “Kakum National park” which is popular throughout the the World, “Ankasa forest” which is the primary Upper Guinea Rainforest in Ghana, “Mole National park” which is a home of Eco-Tourism in Ghana by contributing to all “Fund Raising” and paying our dues as required to improve operations at these sites.

How does the tour support local people?

We support local people in terms of hiring local tour guide at any site we visit which generate income for them and support community by contributing to the Community fund which helps the community to build schools and roads that helps in developing the local areas that we visit.

What type of environmental education activities do you incorporate into your tour?

We always give all the necessary attention needed as a team to our guests and educate them to keep environment safe, secure, and educate them on which ever activity they wish to do in Ghana, either Birdwatching, Eco-Tourism, Culture, History, Photography and we always make sure that they are satisfied with our services as we have been assigned to, to make the tour a successful one.


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