We asked the judges and bloggers of Wildlife Blogger of the Year to share what never to do when blogging. Become a better blogger by avoiding these 12 blogging mistakes.

“Never try to cover everything in one blog – you risk the story getting long and unfocused.” Daisy Ouya, Science Writer and Wildlife Blogger of the Year Judge.

“You are taking a risk if you try to be funny. Sometimes people don’t realise you are being ironic, sarcastic or unbelievably witty and think that you are being serious. And even if they realise you are trying to be funny, they might not think that you actually are funny.  I break this rule a lot!” Dr Mark Avery, Britain’s premier wildlife blogger and Wildlife Blogger of the Year Judge.

“One thing I always try to avoid when blogging is feeling pressured to write. Sometimes, the more I worry about posting something new, the less likely I am to feel inspired. Take time out to discover new things!” Rebecca Gibson, author of A brief encounter – a lasting memory.

“Have unrealistic expectations and get discouraged. It is hard to bring people to read the blog, but any view is rewarding.” Constance & Frederik, author of Nose-to-muzzle with a spectacled bear.

“Never make your story longer than is necessary. Most often blogging comes with the flexibility to do anything you want but try to be concise because often people don’t like to read too much. If you have lots to say, rather split it up into two/three articles.” Hiral Naik, author of Breakfast with the blue-crowned motmot.

“Never write about anything you cannot prove or what you’re not sure of (hearsay and gossip are off the table).” Abraham Njenga, author of Rescuing ‘Bahati’ the elephant calf.

“Never compare yourself with anyone else.  It’s your blog and your experience and no-one else’s.” Suzanne, author of Manta rays in the Maldives.

“Avoid jargon. Explain your terms clearly in a fun way if you have to throw something in there. I often ask a question, e.g. “So, what is a gibbon?” and then I explain it in a fun way, e.g. “They are our singing, swinging cousins – the smallest of the apes.”

Don’t make your blogs too long! People can lose interest very quickly, especially if they’re on the go. Keep in short, informative, fun and punchy.” Carolyn Thompson, author of Do you have an inner swamp ogre?

“Never use another blogger’s images or videos without giving credit and including the source.” Margrit, author of Should I or shouldn’t I pet that cute lion cub?

“Preaching your opinion as if it is a fact. Putting yourself higher than your reader. Don’t do that.” David Rigden, author of Where dragons roam the earth.

“Don’t force it. If you don’t have something worth writing about, step away and just experience life for a bit. When a “blog-worthy-moment” presents itself, you will know, and you will have the peace of mind to write something meaningful. Less can be more.” Eleyse Morgon, author of Heaven in Hells Canyon.

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Main image credit: Marco Verch/Flickr.